Bleeding for 3 weeks after punch biopsy??

Hi I was just wondering if anybody has been through anything similar as I’m getting a bit concerned as I have been bleeding for so long

I was sent for a colposcopy after always having a heavy bleed after sex, the colposcopy showed a large skin lesion so I had some biopsys and cold coagulation treatment (still waiting on results)

I was told I may have some bleeding afterwards but now it’s been 3 weeks and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Although at first it was really heavy, now it’s alot lighter but still very constant.

I’m going for some further tests in 2 weeks so have just been putting it off as I can tell the doctor then but now after reading some posts I’m worried as I didn’t realise this wasn’t normal??

I was just wondering if anyone else has been through anything similar and what was they’re outcome??

Thanks xxx

my doctor said you can bleed up too 6 weeks I've now been bleeding double that.. Nothing done fed rubbish, hope your feeling ok xx 

Oh no I thought I was bad! Sorry to hear that, it's frustrating when you can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone. I haven't been to my doctor over the bleeding because she just seems a bit useless which I know is terrible to say. 


Hope your feeling better soon xxx

touch wood you ease off bleeding soon if you bleed any longer than 6 weeks go to tour gp, I've been rerferred to another gp as I've been to the Drs 5 times since my lletz and all say your still healing ect but we can't see anything. Not in pain but it's restricting certain things in life and can't use tampons ect I case it makes it worse xx