1 week completed !

Hi lovely ladies,

just finished first week with Chemo session yesterday, feeling a bit sick and dizzy today which I hope will pass, but I must say it has not been as traumatic as I feared. The Hospital and staff are fantastic, and really helping me through this, but I am still worrying about the Brachy sessions at the end.

Big hugs to you all, and I will keep you posted. xxxxxx

Glad to hear that things aren't as bad as our imaginations lead us to believe. Although everybody is different so I keep my fingers crossed I'm saying the same as you in a few weeks. How many weeks are you having? 

Well done on 1st week down, 1 week closer to the end. :-)


Rachel x


Well done Diane! :-) It's not as bad as all that once you're on the inside is it! Sorry you are feeling a bit pukey, keep taking the pills and ask for more if it doesn't go away. I found that coffee, which I love, made me feel pukey so I gave it up until I was out the other side of treatment. You may find that certain things make you feel that little bit worse so stay alert and work out what they are.


Be lucky :-)


Hi Rachel,

I am staged as 2B, and having 28 Radio, 5 Chemo, and 3 Brachytherapy. I wish you well with your results, and remember that we are all here to support you. I will keep you posted throughout treatment.

Best wishes and Big hugs. xxx


Hi Auntie Tivoli,

thank you so much for your ongoing support and advice, where would we all be without you !

Lots of big hugs and kisses. xxxxxxxx

Hi Rachel,

sorry, forgot to mention that the Radio and Chemo is 5 1/2 weeks, followed by 3 - 5 days Brachy. xxx

Hi Diane, glad your first week went well!  Now that you know what the treatment is like, the next few weeks will be a breeze!  The side effects come and go, but you'll make it through :)



Thanks Niki for your support, I hope that I cope as well as you. Good luck and please keep us all posted. xxx

Hi Diane B well done on getting through your first week, I had my 2nd chemo session yesterday, staff were wonderful as usual they have put me on Emend anti sickness tabs and touch wood are working.  We are roughly on the same track for our treatment as this is my second week and due to finish radiation 12 June, Brachy will follow but will be discussed towards then end.  Like you I am quite apprehensive about that one.  Lets keep smiling and drinking plenty.

Stay positive


Hi Del, well done you, I hope the rest of your treatment goes well. I still feel very sick, but will be seeing the Doctor tomorrow and hopefully they will give me the same tablets as yours.

Good luck and big hugs xxx

I was on Emend - magic! :-)

Be lucky 


Hi ladies

Just had a catch up on your posts, seems to me they should just put us all on Emend to start with and hang the cost. Are any of you ladies struggling with the nasty taste can't seem to find anything to relieve it at the mo nothing seems to taste the same even on the same day, just treated myself to a take away (Chicken Passanda and Nan Bread) just what the doctor ordered.

Have a good week end all   xxx