First mini week done

I started treatment this Wednesday after a delay due to insurance. I had chemo on Wednesday and radiation after, then radiation Thursday and Friday. So far I feel a little more tired than usual, but nothing overwhelming. I also experienced some intermittent bleeding right away, but I also had this before treatment so I’m not sure it’s related. It is a lot less than I had before so I’m not too worried. I’m also feeling a little tightness in my pelvic area kind of where the leg and abdomen meet. This could be due time moving around a little less or treatment… we will see. An okay start so far and celebrating this as my first week going pretty smoothly. Thank you ladies for your positive words and support!

Second week down and it went pretty smoothly. I was less tired this week. Last week I napped, and this week I didn’t feel the need. No side effects from the chemo yet, the anti nausea meds they give me (one in the IV and one shot in my stomach) seem to be working. I’m drinking a lot of water, fresh juice and still sticking to my normal diet without any issues. Trying to keep a normal activity level and just rest when I feel the need. Hope everyone is doing well on their journey!

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Well done @Dandy! Glad you are doing well, make sure you get plenty of rest and for the moment put yourself first!
Good luck with the next few weeks, they will fly past x

Done with another two weeks with 9 treatment days left and then four brachy. I’ve been feeling okay for the most part, random nausea for a couple of hours and waves of fatigue that are helped by naps. I’ve also begun having a burning sensation when urinating which I was prescribed medication for, it sort of helps.
I’m hoping the side effects stay minimal and these nine days fly by even though I am terrified of brachy. I hope everyone is doing well on their journey. XX

Hello Dandy.

Sounds like you are doing so well so far which is great to hear! Makes me feel hopeful!

I am still waiting for my staging which is making me so anxious i can’t sleep well at all.
I tend to cope better if i have an idea of what is coming in the future so i can process it and be mentally prepared. Wondering if you would maybe be able to give me some insight into what happens during chemo and radiation and how you feel whilst going through it if possible please? Do you feel any sensations as it’s happening?
Any info would be most appreciated if possible.

Hi WeeP,
Thank you for the well wishes and I’m glad that you are feeling hopeful! I totally relate (as most women on this sub) with the anxiety you are feeling. There are so many positive stories with positive outcomes here and they have really helped me stay in a good mindset.
As far as chemo/rads is concerned, each person has a unique response but I am happy to share mine. My side effects from both have been pretty minimal. Radiation is completely painless, you just lay on the table and the machine goes around you a few times. The hardest part for me is timing a full bladder and holding it for the 10 minutes during treatment. The first weekend I had a little fatigue and I’ve had subsequent waves of feeling a little more tired than usually. Usually about an hour of rest during those days recharges me. I also have been going to bed earlier because I do wake up at least once to pee from all of the water I am drinking.
For chemo, I am receiving cisplatin which I believe is pretty common. I get a whole bag of fluids, two pre-meds, an anti nausea shot in my belly and then the cisplatin. It takes about 3 hours total. The worst part for me is when they’re putting the IV in because I do not like needles at all but I just breathe through it and look away. (I’m such a baby haha) I do not feel anything while I am getting the treatment except for my IV hand tends to get cold.
I just started getting a little bit of nausea but it hasn’t been constant and seems most prevalent in the morning.

I hope this helps you some. Feel free to send me a direct message or just repost here if I can answer any more questions.

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Thank you so much Dandy for giving so much information on what it is like in your experience as it does really help me! I am not too fond of needles either at all haha.
So good to hear you are getting through this well :slight_smile: .
Hope the rest of your treatment goes well too!

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Hi WeeP,
Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you and wishing you the best through treatment!