Week 1 of treatment done

Hi all,


I officially ended my first week of treatment.  I had the option of radical hysterectomy or chemo/radiation (I'm stage 1B2).  I chose chemo and radiation, for a number of reasons.

For those that are scared, I can tell you that it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.  Mostly, I'm scared of needles.  But I got a PICC line inserted this week (I'm in the US - not sure if the UK has the same thing).  Point being, it eliminates the need to get stabbed every week.

So far, no major side effects from the treatment, though I know it can get worse as the weeks go on.  No nausea yet, but I have had some dizziness.

I have continued to work during treatment, and I believe that walking to and from my office to the clinic help with the fatigue (I know that's not an option for everyone, but they say regular exercise will definitely help).

If you haven't started treatment yet, hang in there!  Not knowing what to expect is probably the hardest part.



Hi I start my treatment today am feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing but have a good supported family behind me to help me through it good luck with the rest of your treatment xxx

Hi Cvs, good luck! Are you also doing chemo and radiation? I'd like to hear how your experience is going.



I start my treatment on Monday. This is good to hear. 




Yes 5 weeks rads and 5 chemo once a wk I have my chemo on a Thursday and 3 breach treatment at the end xx

Good luck ags_jos with your treatment xx

Good luck Ags! While everyone is different, they do say that the treatment is generally well tolerated by most people. 

I believe that if you believe that your life won't change dramatically, it probably won't. Positive thinking! And this being my second week of treatment, I'm actually feeling better than I have in the last month. I'm not naive enough to think it can't get worse, but I do believe I can handle whatever happens next :)

Just so you know I'm cheering all three of you on from the bench


Go girls!



Off to the hospital today for appt prior to treatment starting Monday! Very anxious as I got a ct scan and I've still not had the results and I'm scared that it's going to be more bad news. Just for once I hope that this is not the case ! Just wondering if during chemo if a friend gets to stay in hospital? I'm in Glasgow area x 

Hi niki2001 just finished my first wk of treatment went really well apart from feeling sick from chemo been eating lots of ginger biscuits and drinking aloe juice  xx