Hi all

I am recently ned following treatment fro grade 3 stage 2b cc My tumour was 7cm by 7cm lymph node involvement.  My oncolologist will not do a pet scan, he has done ct scan and says it looks clear my only abdo area.  I have not had any appetite for the past four months. im losing weight and sleeping almost all day and night.  I am worrried about recurrance and have no one to talk to about this or offer emotional support, my husband left me when i got cancer.  the house is being sold and he keeps saying im only after the money.  I am feeling so alone.  Have many uk ladies been offered a pet scan post treatment 



I am not from the uk I am in the U.S. I only had a pet scan when I first found out I had cervical cancer. I have only had 2 ct scans of my chest and Pelvic area and also vault smears since my treatment. I am almost 2 years out. I worry a lot to but I trust my doctor he knows what he is doing. I have a check up in March and I worry every time I go. I think we all worry. I pray all goes well for u.

Pet scans are usually used for pre treatment staging. They are not usually part of follow up. They are not a superior type of scan, they just give different information to a CT or MRI. The PET only sees things bigger than 1 cm  so if you want tumours caught early the PET is not the most appropriate. A CT can see much smaller nodules. Your oncologist knows which scan is the most appropriate.

It's lousy what your husband did. Could you ask for counselling at your GP surgery?

I am so sorry you are having such difficult times.

Karen x