Worried sick

Hi everyone,
I would like peoples opinions about what’s going on with me and what I should do. I’ve had problems in the past with cervical ectropion. It caused me to bleed and have severe pain at times. It happened again when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby (shes almost 2 now). I have a smear booked for the 30th January but I’m starting to worry a LOT.
I was due to have my (overdue by 2 years, silly I know) smear in November but due to a likely miscarriage the nurse rebooked it for jan. I’ve been getting a LOT of pain down there. Shooting and stabbing pains. I feel sick almost all of the time. The pain is in my vagina (tmi, sorry) down my legs, in my back, pelvis area and lower stomach. I feel a baring down feeling. After sex with my husband the other night there was quite a bit of pinkish blood. It happened again last night but the blood seemed darker and there was more. So when I showered today i had a feel. My husband says it feels swollen and i tend to agree. After i had a little feel about i noticed a lot of red blood. It stopped after about 5 mins.
My question is, do you think I should try and get my smear done sooner?
I’m trying not to worry but I’m terrified. I can’t focus on anything and I feel like crying all the time.
Any advice would be appreciated
K x


If you are worrying yourself that much then I would try and get it in sooner. I'm sure the Dr will be able to put your mind at ease at your appointment. 

Good Luck x 

I would try and get a gp appointment and tell them what's been going on. They can then examine you, give you a smear or make a referral for you to see a gynaecologist. You don't want to leave yourself worrying any longer unnecessarily so I would call the docs tomorrow and hopefully get a same day appointment x