Urgent referral- so scared.

Hi everyone, first post on here.It’s going to be a bit of an essay so please bear with me🥴
I had an episode of low right abdominal pain the beginning of last week. The same day of my pain( before getting in the bath) I spotted blood right at the top of my legs, although when I wiped after using the toilet there was no blood on the tissue. I spoke to the doctor the next day who advised me to take a pregnancy test as some of the symptoms I described sounded like an ectopic pregnancy. I had only literally just came off my period about 4/5 days before. Took the test and was negative but she said she needed to see me face to face and to carry out some examinations.
I had this app yesterday and I have been left so scared. She did my smear and for the first time ever I bled during it. She said I had a tilted womb, and noticed I had a cervical ectropian, which she said may have caused the bleeding and not to worry as harmless. However, she then did an internal. After this was done she said my womb/ovaries felt fine but that my cervix felt “ bulky”. She said she has only ever come across this in patients who are pregnant. She said will refer me to gynaecologist and coloscopy who will probably do biopsies etc, but not to worry, of course I’m having a heart attack now. Doesn’t help I have health anxiety. I’m so scared at the moment.
Previous history- smear 2009-normal
- smear 2012-normal
-smear 2016-normal
*Missed my smear Nov 2019 due to moving house and then lockdowns etc so that’s also playing on my mind.
*All periods regular… never had any spotting in between apart from that strange episode last week which I never had again after. Also no bleeding after intercourses.

  • Niggly right side pain, had this for years but not intense just annoying now and then.
    I’m petrified she had felt a mass/tumour😭
    Anyone had similar experiences and with positive outcome? I’d be so grateful x

Hi, the fear of the unknown is very scary and I can sympathise completely. Waiting for tests/results has and still is excruciating for me. So I have a bit of a cheek telling you to try and stay positive.
Pelvic pain is common and there can be many reasons for it. Spotting can also happen during ovulation and this would also explain your pain too. I certainly can’t predict your results but I think we all (me included…in fact I’ve been doing in all week) tend to jump to the worst case scenario when there can be other explanations.
The good news is your doctor is being proactive and is getting you checked. Write down all your questions and ask at your appointment. In the meantime try and distract yourself, don’t google as you’ll terrify yourself and hopefully your appointment gives you the reassurance you need. xx

Thank you so much for your reply. I’m a bit calmer this evening. I’m just wanting the app to be here and over with but at the same time just dreading it. Im just trying to keep positive that I have had three normal smears( although late for the one I had yesterday) and the fact I have normal periods, no in between bleeding except for the little amount last week. She said it felt bulky on examination but on further searches earlier ( I can’t help myself!) the cervix can be bulkier in women who have had children. I have two age 18/13. Although scary, I suppose it is very positive I am fast tracked x

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Hi just thought I’d check in and let you all know how my app went as I know lots of people look to see any follow ups etc.

I had my Gynae app Monday (a week ago.) On examination, she seen I had a small cervical erosion but said it looks fine. Cervix also felt fine. That was a relief! She said the pain I’m experiencing definitely sounds like ovulation pain. She asked me do I spot regularly but I said I only had it this once alongside the pain. She said this was normal for a lot of people. She discharged me which was great.
I still have my ultrasound scan to go on the 5th of September too. Anyway, a few days after the app ( Friday just gone) I experienced sudden right side pain again which lasted a few hours. Quite intense and a burning and pulling sensation. I also had some pink spotting. Obviously I did panic a bit but it looks like it’s ovulation time. I am wondering if it could be a cyst but will update after scan x


Just thought I would comment regarding the right side lower pain. The pain can be sudden, sharp, or like a dull heavy ache. It can last for a few seconds or a few hours or days. There is no pattern to the pain. This is something I have had for years on and off. The pain recently got that bad that they thought it was my appendix :see_no_evil: however, they decided it wasn’t and to see my GP. After speaking to my GP, she sent me for blood tests, ultrasound, swabs, urine tests - all came back normal!

She did think it could be ovarian cyst, ovarian torsion, ovulation, pregnancy but obviously all these tests rules each one out.

I am going back to colposcopy tomorrow after my abnormal cells have returned and with HPV still, luckily only borderline changes this time, but its still frustrating. The GP said she can’t rule out it not being related to gynecological still until after the colposcopy and to speak to my colposcopist about it.

She’s also told me to do a food/pain diary.

The only time my pain seemed to disappear was when my highgrade cell changes were removed by Lletz 6/7 years ago. But I’m not sure if that was just coincidence or not, as I don’t believe from what I have cells causing pelvic pain. But who knows :woman_shrugging:

I know it’s not much help and I hope you get an answer after your scan, they should tell you on the day what they see :crossed_fingers:

K x

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Aww thank you so much for your comment☺️How have you got in today?
Yes I have had this ovulation type pain for quite a few years now. Always comes 2 weeks or so before period. Some months I don’t have much pain, but for the last two times it’s increased and along with some tiny spotting. Did you have increased urination with your pain? I have this and she said it was normal. I’m basically fine unless it’s ovulation time or my period. I do get symptoms a few days leading up to my period too. It disappears about the 2nd day then comes back slightly just before I finish. Yes I have always found it to be near the appendix too. I agree with you about cells and pain… to be honest I don’t know if it would? I’m still awaiting my smear results, I’m hoping they’re fine. I have a family history of endometriosis too, and I have always wondered if maybe I have it as I di match a lot of the symptoms.