worried about symptoms

I did that thing we all do but should never do and turned to Google for symptoms but it did lead me here.


I've had bad back pain for the last couple of years and before pregnancy #3 I was scanned because we could feel lumps. Nothing was seen and I guess I  the midst of pregnancy I never chased it up and I wasn't feeling them. I've been suffering heart palpitations since pregnancy #2 and those continue to this day. The lower back pain has got worse over time and so had the discomfort during sex. I bled during sex whilst pregnant with #3 and that was just put down to one of those things. There was quite a lot of it. I've been experiencing unusual discharge and blood from the bottom which I originally thought were from my hammeroids but they seem to of cleared up now. I'm tired all the time but then I am a mum.of 3 which is what everyone always says when you mention being tired. I am urinating more and am often constipated. I couldn't sleep last night as I was starting to become paranoid. Will be calling doctor first thing tomorrow for appointment and saying exactly what I've just said here. Guess I just needed somewhere to say this out aloud. 

My body doesn't seem right and I like to think I know it rather well. Had lots of pain during pregnancy #1 which was always put down to pregnancy. Turned out I had gallstones even though at the age of 20 they thought I was too young to of got them. 

Emma x


Hi Emma,

It's always scary when you google symptoms, luckily you ended up here though as everyone is so lovely and always here to give support.

How was your Doctor's appointment? Hope it went ok,


Emily xx

Hi Emma

Sorry to hear you are feeling so rotten. I convinced myself I had lots of symptoms but thankfully I think they can all be blamed on age/ parenthood! You are doing absolutely the right thing in getting checked out though. Not sure how recently you had #3 but if you had a vaginal delivery and there was anything untoward going on they would have alerted you. My abnormalities were only CIN3 but were visible to the naked eye, as the nurse noted it at my smear. Of course any symptoms are worrying and you should never be shy in getting them checked out. Sounds like you are pretty proactive with your health so it seems unlikely anything sinister would be going on, especially if your smears are up to date.

Hope you get some reassurance from your GP