Growth found

Hi everyone


I went to my gp today as for a whlie I Have been bleeding after intercourse lasting for up to 3 days as well as having pain in my right kidney. My gp examined me internally and said she would do a smear test as I due another this year.. Anyway whilst she was looking she said she found a growth on my cervix... What do you think this means? She said she can also see a "graze" which is bleeding a little bit. She has referred me to a gynocologist(sp) and also for an internal scan and a scan on my kidneys.. Is this anything to worry about??? Has anyone else had anything Similar? 


thanks xx 

Hi Nicola

It's great that you've taken yourself off to the GP. They will be able to test you and see what's going on. As to whether you should be worried,  I can honestly say peole "should be worried" about things they're not tackling. Once you are in the testing and treating system,  worrying is always best avoided. It's not much fun! 

You won't be able to work out what's going on with any certainty yourself.  Let your doctors find out and ask them any questions you have, especially about a timescale for answers.  Don't Google because that leads everyone down the road to worst case scenario.  Symptoms that were nothing to worry about rarely make it onto the Internet.  In fact, women who had nothing to worry about don't tend to hang about on this forum so we're not really a representative sample either! However, we know what it's like to worry and will be here for you if you do start to feel wobbly.

I hope you find out what's going on really soon so that a solution can be found. Let us know how you get on. :)

Kirsty xx


Thanks for getting back to me! I'm just so worried.. I have constant pain under my ribs as well as in my kidneys. My gp said I should have an appointment within 10-14 days xx 

Oh, Nicola, it's rotten to have to go through this. There could be all sorts of reasons for different symptoms and they might not be connected at all. Try to distract yourself and make an effort to eat healthily to boost your immune system. Every day is a day closer to finding out what's going on and what they're going to do to make you better. 


Kirsty xx

Hi Nicola,

I just wanted to add to Kirsty's perfect advice, that you might find taking a walk helps to relieve pain under your ribs, which is often the result of spending too much time looking at a computer screen!

Be lucky


I used to panic every time I had a smear of internal, as I had a cervical erosion that was visbale.  It meant nothing, but did bleed now and then.  That was a long time ago, and nothing to do with the CC I was diagnosed with in 2012.