Worried about having a Cone Biopsy

Everything has been moving really quickly and keeps changing, I was told I had to come in to have a further LLETZ under anaesthetic, I have now just found out that I have to have the cone biopsy done and not LLETZ (the only reason I found this out is that it’s a different consultant doing the surgery and I was told on a call with my consultant that he has to do the survey so I questioned it, and he can’t do the cone biopsy)

Has any one had the cone biopsy done and can give any advice on it, recovery etc?

I just feel like I’m not being told everything and that in fact it is worse than they have said (hopefully just overthinking it)

Hi Nicola,
I had a cone biopsy 5 weeks ago and it really wasn’t too bad. The reason I had it was because my smear came back with suspected glandular abnormalities and then a biopsy showed CIN3. They let me out that evening and for the next 2 days I was a bit wiped out from the anaesthetic but didnt really have much pain.

Everyones different but i think i was lucky with little pain and no bleeding. I started getting cramps only 10 days ago but I think that was just my period due which ended up being about a week late. I did feel like the pms was very exaggerated which is unusual for me but I assumed it was because of the op! The only other thing is a very occasional quick sharp pain in cervix but I guess that’s just it healing.

I’m going in for follow up and results tomorrow so fingers crossed! To be honest the wait for results is far worse than the procedure itself.

If you have any specific questions please message me I know it’s hard to find info on cone biopsy as most people seem to have lletz.

Best of luck!

Thank you for your response, I have been told I have HPV and from the LLTEZ I had in May I have high grade CIN III.

I hope it all goes well tomorrow with your results.

I agree the waiting for the results is the worst bit, I had the LLETZ in May and was told 4 weeks for the results, I got them 6 weeks later but before getting the results I got a text to say I had been booked for a pre-assessment which scared the life out of me as I didn’t have a clue what was going on and things just seem to be changing every couple of days with what’s going on and it just feels like it’s all moved very quickly which don’t get me wrong is a good thing but is also a bit scary why they are pushing it through so quickly!
Hopefully after the op on Wednesday and speaking to the consultant I will feel a bit better.

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