Colposcopy LLETZ treatment being done this week but confused

Hello there to all you lovely ladies I have been on and off of here for the last few weeks after receiving my results from my coloscopy I had last month I’m currently waiting for LLETZ treatment which is on Wednesday this week after my biopsy result came back as serve changes :frowning: I am very scared and frightened but thanks to you lovely ladies ( especially the ones on my last post) I’m a little more clearer on what result mean and what to expect next week and very thankful too but one question I am a little confused about is when would the doctors need to do a cone biopsy and would the patient get warning about this ie would it say this on my letter. On my letter it says that I am having LLETZ done with LA but I have read that patients with Cin3 may have to have a cone biopsy which needs to be done under GA I’m so confused as my I havnt actually been told what cin level I have it just says biopsy result serve changes ( I only had the one biopsy taken at coloscopy ) so does that mean that there was abnormalities only found in a small area of my cervix and that’s what’s being LLETZ away or is there more of my cervix that has abnormalities? At the end of the day as far as I’m aware I’m having LLETZ under LA and it should only take a short time and I would be able to go home once this is all completed but I’m worried that I get there on Wednesday and I need to have more of my cervix done or this cone biopsy that I’m going to have to be put under GA which I have never ever been put under in my life so very very scared plus I am a single mum to my 3 year old daughter and I can’t leave her over night :frowning: I never have done since the day she was born and I can’t now it would really really upset me so much if I had to stay in hospital and not be at home with my daughter :frowning: xx

If any of you lovely ladies have some advice tips or been in the same boat please I would be very very grateful :slight_smile:

Thank you so much lots of love Traka xxx

They will not put you under on the day.


If you require a GA you would need a pre op check etc. Usually a week beforehand. They would need aneathetists booked, theatre time etc. You won't just turn up and be put under so please don't worry that that will happen because it won't!