Scared! Cone Biopsy! Help!!

Hi everyone,

Im new to forums but could really do with some advice. After an abnormal smear I was sent for a colposcopy, at the time the dr said the changes detected at the smear were glandular (higher up?). He then said I was to go for a diagnostic cone biopsy, hysteroscopy and something else. Iv had no Lletz treatment and feel very confused, scared....convincing myself of the worst! Has anyone else even sent straight for a cone biopsy and can anyone offer any advice! Iv spent way too much time on google and am driving myself insane! I'm fit, fairly healthy and with no symptoms?! 



Hiya, sorry you’re going through a horrible time trust me I understand the worrying yourself with Google I have done the same! We can’t help it when we want answers I have also convinced myself of the worst possible outcome. Although I’ve only had a colposcopy up to now and I’m awaiting the results had it a week ago Friday so hoping its soon! Anyway sorry I don’t have any info on the cone biopsy but thought I’d reply and say maybe post your thread in the colposcopy forum as their is probably more people on that one who have had experience with the cone biopsy and will be able to advise you further & offer support as most people on smear forum is about smears so the ladies might not be at your stage & won’t understand? Any way hope your well as can be and get some answers. Its a worrying time all the best x

Hi there,

I had a colposcopy and biopsies, the results of which were inconclusive, so I was told i'd need a cone biopsy. When I arrived at the hospital the consultant actually did a lletz! I got the impression that what they end up doing depends on what they feel they need to remove. They did manage to take out all my nasties with the lletz. If they do a cone, thats probably all you would need. Don't let my diagnosis worry you, I went too long between smears, and I had symptoms before eventually braving it.

hugs, Molly x