What to expect on results

Hi there, 

  I have some questions in Hope's anyone might be going thru similar situations and might be able to share there experience.

 So I went in for my pap due to abnormal bleeding after sex, heavier periods, and uncomfortableness during sex. I've also been experiencing unexplained back pain. Also random naseuoa 

I was told the results were HSIL with cin 2/3 CIS. Referred for colposcopy with ECC and biopsy. 

I'm curious if anyone has had same results after colposcopy or if they had changed. Also if anyone has had any similar symptoms and what were there diagnoses. I went in for my pap nov 15. They are trying to get me scheduled in Jan for the colposcopy. Apparently they lost a provider and there patient case load is over loaded at the moment. Frusterated to be waiting so long and Google isnt helping put my mind at ease. 

Any help would be great. I've only spoke to 2 close friends one who didnt really indulge in thr convo and another who kinda dismissed my worry with it's nothing and this is common. So no real help there. Thanks any feed back is better than none.