Week following LLETZ



so I got the LLETZ last week (Tuesday) and all went fine with little to no pain and no bleeding. But today I'm getting black discharge and well it smells awful!! I can smell it from myself (I thought I'd stepped in something only to realise it was me!). Is this normal and why is it black? 


So so sorry if tmi!

Oh no bless you, I'd ring the doctors tomorrow, I'm  still bleeding very heavy fron Thursday but not in much pain and doesn't really smell awful x

Thanks yeah I might ring my doctor. Just what I need ugh. I really thought I was in the clear! 

Hi Claire,

it sounds like you may have an infection and will need antibiotics to get it cleared up! X

You'll get there Hun, not the most pleasant thing in the world but it will all be worth it xx

I had the same thing all fine just a horrible smell. Doctor did swabs conformed infection and gave me anti biotics xx