Waiting time for result. Has anyone been recently?

Hi all,
I had my smear done (first) on the 30th March. Phoned GP this morning and there is no result available yet.
I’m just wondering if anyone has had a smear done around the same time and received results yet.
Also, if it’s taking longer for a result to come through, is it a good sign to expect all is well.
Thank you :slight_smile: x

I've been waiting 3 months now.. Nobody seems to be able to track them down :(

3 months?! Wow. Sorry to hear that. Theres me on the edge of my seat having waited 3 weeks nearly so far and you've been waiting 3 months! 

could you not request to have another? As I have read that people who've needed repeated tests due to not having enough of a sample etc have a repeat in about 3 months as that can be how long it takes for cells (or whatever the swab collects) to regroup/collect (whatever they do..) again. But Im pretty clueless so I may be getting it wrong.

Hope you get some results soon! X

Yeh I actually called my surgery today to request another and they said they couldn't do it as you can only one 1 every 3 years without good reason and just to wait until my results arrived. Apparently any additional tests will be rejected at the lab :(

If there is no results maybe the first set hasn't even got onto the system at the testing place? Has your GP tried chasing. They have no results to show and if the testing place doesn't either and it's been that long surely there would be an allowance to have another done. If the lab has no record of ever having done your first one. But if they have and GP chase it won't they be able to get results that way? X

It's all a bit of a mess really. I had it done while having surgery by another hospital and they say they can't chase it and to wait until my letter arrives with the results. My GP says it isn't their problem because I had it done somewhere else. Going round in circles chasing it :)

Hopefully yours won't take so long tho! I'm sure it's on its way for you :)

Ohh that sounds a bit of a nightmare! What about contacting the hospital/consultant who lead the surgery and aftercare etc. Maybe He/she can find it or has the results but because it's different hospital/areas etc it's unknown we're to be sent. Maybe, I have no idea. 

And hopefully not, but goinf by your wait 3 weeks isn't even long at all. Need to learn to be paitent I do!! Ha ha  

Hey I just wanted to let you know that I finally got my results. Unfortunatly they were insufficient so it's back to having it redone and waiting again but I wanted to let you know that yours will turn up eventually :)

Keep chasing the doctors for it if it hasn't turned up soon! Hope it comes asap and it's all good for you :)

Insufficient? as in not enough was collected to test? Sorry to hear you've now got to go through another wait, hopefully it won't be as long as this time! Hope for you it's a good result when you finally get it! 

Thank you for letting me know :) I phoned GP again today, and they said that some are delayed. I will probably give it another week and then ask them to chase it. Im taking it in that no news is good news. So presuming all is okay & theyre concentrating on typing up the letters for people with abnormalities before the 'normal result' ones. X

I've just waited over four weeks and my nurse rang me with results today. I still haven't had them through the post, but she could see them electronically so gave me them over the phone. There is delays everywhere apparently. Hope you get your results soon x

Thank you for replying. I spoke to receptionist today, in my GP surgery & she said there are delays taking 6-7 weeks in my area  So that's most likely why for me. Long delays! The wait isn't great is it. And this is my first ever smear. So wirh any luck all will be well, it's just the waiting is not nice! 

Hope your results were okay! X

Hi just thought I'd update this, been refered for a colposcopy for end of May. Abn & hpv positive smear. X

Sorry, that's supposed to say abnormal. X