Waiting Time for Initial Test and Results

Hi All,

Been a while since i posted on here after having CIN2 / Severe high grade pre-cancer back in 2015.

I received the dreaded letter from my GP in September 2016 advising my smear test was due. When i called up to make an appointment the soonest date they could give me was December 28th 2016 which was a bit of a shock but i had to accept it as apparently our nurse only works 3 days per week and was busy with flu jab appointments. On the morning of December 28th i received a text message from the surgery advising the nurse had called in sick and i needed to rearrange my appointment.

The next available appointment was January 20th. I waited and attended, then anxiously waited for over three / four weeks for results. After chasing the surgery repeatedly, i was then advised that my smear test had been lost in the lab, and that i would need to book another appointment and have the test done again.

The next available appointment was March 21st, and i’m still waiting for results over 4 weeks later. . .

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m worried that my initial test is now 8 months overdue, which is a long time if there is anything wrong. No one seems to be bothered or have any urgency in helping to chase things up.

It’s been the longest wait ever!

Different situation as I haven't had any previous abnormal smears. This was my first at nearly 27. BUT just wanted to say I had my smear on 29th I do believe it was and am still waiting for results as well. So not as a long a wait as you, but still longer than the 2 weeks the surgery advised. I have phoned and they still have no results themselves either. So just waiting now. Hope You get your results soon. Although I have read of areas taking 7/8 weeks for results. X

My nurse finally contacted me today to advise she could see my results electronically, albeit i haven't had them in the post. Borderline changes and HPV, so referral for colopscopy and biopsies again. Fingers crossed it's not too much to worry about x

Ohh no, glad you have the results. But sorry to hear they wasn't too good! Hopefully for you they will get the next set of testing and ge results done quickly for you!! X