Waiting on a Colposcopy

Hello I am new here and have been very touched by the comments and support offered by the forum, 

I am 24, had my first smear on the 16th December and it has come back with borderline changes and evidence of high risk HPV.

I am very anxious regarding my sexual health anyway and have been going to Sexual Health screenings ever since I was about 17 visiting once or twice per year just to be safe and further times if I felt there were any abnormalities. Everytime I have been sent away with an everything is fine - you appear very healthy message and the nurse who did my smear also explained this was the case and that my cervix all appears fine and that the worse case scenario (which was receiving the letter with this request for further examination) wasn't likely to happen to me. 

I had my postal results on the 30th December with the HPV diagnosis and advice that I should wait for the hospital to contact me regarding an appointment for colposcopy, but I am yet to hear anything regarding this. I expect that due to christmas and New Year my results have just fallen at that time of year when there is a backlog for these things but how soon should I expect contact? 

I am nervous about this as I have pains in my hips and I suffer severe pain during sex (to the point where I have stopped having sex with my partner), but I am trying to avoid reading too much into everything as I don't want to cause myself to worry about it. 

If anyone has any advice on how long I could be waiting or if I should try contacting the hospital it would be really appreciated... 

Kind Regards


Hi Amy!

Welcome to the forum! I'm glad you've found it helpful. 

First of all, borderline changes are not too much to worry about. There are all sorts of reasons for painful sex, especially if you are a bit anxious about your sexual health. Hips do a lot of hard work and often play up anyway.

I don't know how long you usually wait in your area and it may be they don't see you as a priority because your changes are borderline. However, you are anxious and that's never a good way to be. If I was you I would wait a couple of days to see if the letter turns letter turns up and try to push any worries away if they invade your brain. If you don't hear from them, try calling your GP or colposcopy clinic (try the switchboard at your local hospital or maybe your GP surgery will know the number). I don't think you have too much to worry about but I know that won't stop you worrying completely! Making a few phone calls might make you feel more in control. I hope they don't try to fob you off.

Good luck! Let us know how you get on!

Kirsty xx

Thanks for your post Kirsty, 

I think it's just playing on my mind with having to wait, I fractured my elbow on NYE so have been visiting hospitals and that's spurred on extra worry I guess. I'm glad in a way that the HPV has been discovered as I thought I was just going to have to live with the pain during sex constant thrush infections and cystitis - now at least I know I have an infection that could be the reason I'm more susceptible to those things. 

Tomorrow its a week since my letter and I'm already at my local hospitals clinics due to my fracture, so I think I may call past the colposcopy dept and see when they might contact me to put my mind at rest. 

I will keep you posted, thanks again for the kind words! 


Hey Amy,

I had the same results as you and had to delay my colposcopy by a month. I just had it today and the doc took a biopsy so have to wait 4 weeks for the results but he said it didn't look too bad. So hopefully my final results say the same thing. 

Try not to stress, I had a breakdown when I first got my results, but anxiety doesn't help the situation. 



Hi Emma, 

Thank you yes I am just trying to figure it all out without knowing the full answers which always ends up in worry! 

I am going to call into the colposcopy clinic on my way through to my fracture appointment tomorrow to see if I can at least find out a rough waiting time for my area. Hopefully it will all be a smooth process as I start a new job on wednesday and I was more anxious about having to take time off having only just started and also turning up with a fractured elbow won't help that situation!

I hope that everything goes well with your results, keep me posted. 


Hi i had exactly the same results as you back in October I had a colposcopy booked for beginning of December but had to cancel due to my period (typical) anyway I finally had the procedure done yesterday I got myself into a right state thinking the worst before the colposcopy actually began!! Anyway it wasn't too bad at all I found it more comfortable than an actual smear to be honest...I had a tiny white patch that showed up so had a biopsy taken nurse told me she wasn't worried about anything she seen so put my mind at rest! I think the worrying and anticipation beforehand is so much worse than the actual procedure I was literally in and out within 15 mins. Try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know) I don't think I've had a day go by since my smear results where it hasnt been on my mind! Hope you get your appointment soon xxx

Indeed the worry part is easier said than done though I'm taking a pretty matter of fact approach and now thinking whatever happens happens.... I've got my appointment turns out my letter got waylaid and I'm due into my local hospital on the 17th Feb, so fingers crossed ... I'm still experiencing pain during sex and a large amount of discomfort in my hip, which yoga and swimming aren't helping :( but I'm thinking (hoping) that these are just biproducts of the infection and once that's treated I will be right as rain... 

 Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support I will keep you posted!