HPV worries, Awaiting biopsy results


I’ve never written on here before but i have found what i have read useful but thought asking my own questions for people opinions could be good too!

My first one is what time frame have people experienced with waiting for biopsy results? I am 24 and had my first smear last year the results were severe (high grade) abnormal and i had to have a colposcopy, She said she could have done the treatment then but instead wanted to do a biopsy. If this possibly a bad sign that she saw something she shouldnt??

Is a longer wait for results normally a bad sign?

Second one is its put me of sex, I am literally scared to be even remotely intimate with my partner because of this HPV, i wasnt clear if the nurse said thats what i had or thats what she was searching for. She kept reassuring me this was not an STD although its caught through sex. But now i keep thinking if my partner has this if i have sex with him i would then get it again or what if i pass it to him and he gets cancer?!

my partner has been so caring and patient with me trying to find out information and trying to reassure me but with my anxiety i just think the worst!

does anyone have a bit more information or be able to share there experience?

:slight_smile: thank you xx

Hi Dani

I have waited 6 and a half weeks for biopsy results and the only reason I know I have to go in for treatment is because I phoned the colposcopy clinic this morning! I still don't know my results but I know it is something as I am having treatment in a few weeks. If you have been waiting a while then just give the colposcopy clinic a call and they maybe able to tell you something :) It has certainly put my mind at ease.

As for the having sex thing...I haven't felt like it for weeks and weeks as I feel as though there is something wrong with me and it'll make it worse if me and my partner are intimate (I'm probably being silly...) 

As for HPV, well they say most people have it already and if you already do have it then it doesn't matter if your partner has it - and chances are if you have it then your partner already does. I may be wrong on that one but I think I read that somewhere!

Try not to worry too much (impossible I know..) but worrying makes everything seem so much worse!

Charlene xx

I asked my nurse about whether I'd catch HPV again from my partner as he obviously has it due to me having it. 

She assured me I wouldn't catch the same string of the virus again as my body would have created the antibodies to fight off future cases. So your partner will not re-infect you.

She also said you need a vagina/cervix to be affected by the cancer side of things. So he won't be affected by that either.

I've just had the lletz treatment, so wanted to be sure I didn't have to go through all this again.


Thanks for your replies! :) and clearing things up about the HPV i do feel a lot better now knowing it cant harm him and i wont be getting it back if we are intimate!

I booked my smear early thinking to just get it out of the way, thinking it would be fine! glad i did now. Ill leave it the 4 weeks like they said and give them a call to chase :)