Waiting game for staging

Honestly, I haven’t had a Pap smear in over a decade due to a past abusive relationship, and I neglected my health. Recently, I experienced symptoms like spotting, leg swelling, back pain, and even detected cigarette smoke, which I heard could be an indicator. With a history of ablation, determining menopause completion was challenging. After my recent exam, the pain and bleeding increased, and a biopsy confirmed cancer. Scans are scheduled next week for more answers.

Sharing this makes it more real, and I often break down. Work is challenging as I’m engrossed in my thoughts. I can’t confide in my family, always being the strong one, but I’m terrified. waiting feels unbearable.
Thanks for letting me vent❤️


Hi Kimlovesroses and welcome

I hadn’t had a smear test for 12 years when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2017. I only went to the doctor when I’d had an abnormal discharge for about 3 months; I wasn’t worried just a bit fed up that it wasn’t naturally resolving! I think I went into shock when I first realised I had cancer - ‘woa, didn’t see that coming’ was one of the first things I said.

I kept going, but when I got home from work I was a mess, crying etc. For various reasons it was difficult for me to share my diagnosis and, apart from my husband, I didn’t tell anyone until I had a treatment plan and even then I only told others on a ‘need to know’ basis. Having a treatment plan in place certainly made it easier to talk about because it was a positive ‘going forward’ thing.

Feel free to vent all you need, lots of us here with a range of experiences to listen, share and support.



@Kimlovesroses Never had a pap smear in 15 years. The very ignorant attitude of ‘if something is broken ill fix it’.
Still in shock. When I talk about my cancer it feels like Im talking about someone else and not I! I already did not like my job. I was thinking of quitting my job and starting a new business with my friend. We did all the research and bam in the middle of the week I got news of my cancer. Now I am stuck in this job cos its work from home and I hope to keep working and earning money as much as I can during my treatment. My work can be quite demanding and Im finding it so tough to focus on emails and ideas while this huge fear of walking into the unknown consumes my head.

I know I cant let it take over my life and I have to keep doing other things but easier said than done.

I know how you feel but we will find the rainbow!


Thank you. The unknown is so scary. I keep thinking every pain is or was part of it. Im still in denial a bit but tomorrow I hope for more answers. How are you feeling now?