I had a biopsy last week and I’m waiting for the results. Although I’m sure it is cancer what I’m terrified about is that it’s advanced. I’ve read that symptoms dont develop until the later stages. I’ve been getting severe stomach pains, pains in my right leg and heavy bleeding/bloody discharge. Has anyone had these symptoms and if so what stage were you when you were diagnosed?


Sorry to hear that you are playing the waiting game at the moment. I didn't realise but looking back on it I had symptoms and mine was staged 1b1. Do your best to keep busy to keep your mind off things. I know it is hard. x

The hospital said I should hear something by the end of the week, every day feels like a month at the minute. I’ve been sorting out cupboards/wardrobes and anything else I can find to do to keep busy and keep my mind off things. If nothing else at least my house will be spotless 

firstly i cant help u but i really hope your results come back ok 

in regards to your leg .. i feel your worry i started witj mine, right leg, 9 years ago.. pain and swells loads ... after gp appointments hundreds of a&e trips i finally got a rheumatoid arthiritis diagnosis this was 5 year ago, yet still to this day they swear blind the swelling and pain of my right leg is not related to it at all ... becos ita my entire leg not just the joints and only the joints would swell not my thigh etc.. so i am now worrying like mad.. i go for my biopsy tomorrow and i will be mentioning this. i just wanted you to know your not alone... good luck and i will keep a look out for updates on your results xx 


p.s i also have the exact same other symptoms as you, bleeding, dicharge, tummy/side pain and lower back xx 

I had the biopsy last Wednesday, it wasnt nearly as painful as I thought it would just a bit nippy. Hope it goes well for you, I’ll hopefully have an update on my results in the next couple of days x

Best of luck, thinking of you  x

I had a phone call yesterday afternoon to ask me to go back to the hospital at 4:30 today x


how did you get on? X

It’s cancer, although that was what I was dreading I’m strangely calm about it now that I know what I’m dealing with. They think they’ve caught it early and are sending me for an MRI scan to make sure it hasn’t spread then I’m getting booked in for a hysterectomy x


So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Sending you hugs. That's good they think it is early. Let me know how you get on xx