waiting for vault smear results

Hi Ladies, 

Just wanted to tell my story, feel a little lost at the moment. Just need a, chat really. Been feeling a bit emotional again. I had my hysterectomy, back in march 2013, for high grade CGIN. I had a vault smear 6 months after, which can back as normal. I have recently had my 2nd smear, which was done at my gp surgery. Which wasn't the nicest of experiences to put it mildly. The nurse didn't have a clue what she was doing & spent 20 mins, poking around & really hurt me, to later call in another nurse, because she couldn't find my cervix. I did tell her it was a vault smear & I'd had a hysterectomy. She apologised & said she was having a blonde senior moment. Then went on to ask me what I was using for protection when she had finished, was I using the coil or on the pill. Is she for real!! She did say she found some discharge at the top, which I try not to worry about. But sometimes I can't help worry, it's come back. Should get the results back next week. Just brings all that anxiety back again waiting for the post. Obviously I'm pleased I've been lucky enough to have 2 vault smears now, I can't believe some ladies aren't  offered them. If it comes back all clear, this would have been my last one. 

Thanks Rachael xx



I am so sorry to read this. What an awful nurse. I would make an appointment with your GP and tell them exactly what happened. I had the practice nurse tell me that I could take an hour bus ride (with a 10 minute walk either end ) 12 days after my radical hysterectomy. There are such absolute gems in the NHS but also some complete dross. I'm angry for you! /p>

Hi, I think that nurse sounds dreadful and must of left you feeling distressed, I too recently had my first six month examination ( not offered vault smear) I have felt very emotional too, I have convinced myself I have symptoms , I think it just brings back all the horrid feelings associated with waiting for results, I'm sure you will be fine, best wishes ;-) xxx

It was awful, but after reading so many posts about ladies not being offered a smear, makes me realise how lucky I am. Even tho it wasn't a nice experience. Is it just a postcode lottery what hospital you go to? Else74 your right it does bring it all back, I can't stop thinking about it. I try not to worry, but I can't switch off. Not sleeping properly, convinced myself it's going to come back abnormal cells. I dread the postman coming every morning. Xxx

I'm in the Gloucestershire area, I think that was one of my worries not actually having a Vault smear, I have been really positive throughout the whole ordeal until now. Xx

Hello Else, sounds like that nurse should go back for some basic training!  

I asked the Oncologist about vault smears but she said they are unreliable & can give false results following a Radical hysterectomy and I haven't had any but I'm not concerned as I've no cervix anyway.  Did you have Radical or 'normal' hysterectomy?


Hi, I myself had a Radical, I was lead to believe they could still take a Vault smear (taking a sample from the vagina) should you have no cervix! I too have heard that the tests can be unreliable, maybe it is down to us to also keep vigilant and be fully aware of any changes! :-) xxx


I had a total hysterectomy removing my cervix, uterus & tubes. I have kept my ovaries. Is a vault smear to check for vaginal cancer/ abnormal cells Vain? Am I right in that a radical hysterectomy they remove the top part of the vagina & that's maybe why they don't always do a vault smear. I was told 2 smears then if they come back normal, I wouldn't need anymore as I don't have a cervix. Xx

Hi, yes with a Radical hysterectomy part of the vagina is removed so you could understand that A vault wouldn't be of any use, however, I have read that some women still have a vault smear after a Radical, I think the best thing I could do is ask the Consultant. Best wishes with your results x

Yes, I know someone who's had a radical hysterectomy, she said she would have a vault smear. Maybe it depends on the hospital. Thank you, will let you know how I get on. I think the waiting is the hardest part. Should hear by the end of the week, so fingers crossed. Xx


I had a Radical Hysterectomy with the top part of my vagina removed.  I had a vault smear last April and am due for another one next April.  When I asked my consultant about it he said the smear is in the space where the cervix used to be and it is a good way of checking for Vaginal Cancer.



Hi Ladies

I had my radical hysterectomy in 2 operations as they didn't detect my cancer despite having smears every year since 2008 & also a colposcopy in May last year, i had a hysterectomy in Nov last year then went on to have a paramectromy in Jan this year, i asked my oncologist about vault smears & he said i wouldn't need them, i can't help worry about every little pain i get what if? i'm still on 3 monthly check-ups & have a one next week which again i'm going to ask about the vault smears


mandy xx

Well, seems really odd that Vault smears are offered in only certain parts of the country, Maybe as. Rachel said it's down to a postcode lottery, I'm definitely going to ask at my next appointment though xxx :-)

When you say you aren't having vault smears are you still having colposcopies? I think a colposcopy trumps a smear. Having just been diagnosed with VAIn and finding out you are loads more at risk following cc and either radiaition or hysterectomy I wouldnt be happy is someone wasnt having a damn good look up there however unpleasant it may be!

No, my first check up was a pelvic examination  (6  months  post radical hysterectomy)  following stage one CC 

I have been told to just look out for symptoms until next check up! 

Now having read that quite a lot of women have a Vault smear I think its wrong they dont provide them in every county  and confused why  :-\  



Basically it says vault smears are stressy, cost money and aren't that effective.

I only have pelvic exams at my app, no colposcopies or vault smears

Still awaiting my results did you have any symptoms 365 days before you found out you had VAIN? Xx

I have had a itch, and what I would call a wet fanny, not discharge as such but moist! (TMI doesnt really count here right?) They took biopsy at 9 month check up and i was told to come in a week later for results. Happt to answer any questions just PM me. x

Feeling frustrated with the system, after waiting over 6 weeks for my results I phoned the screening office to find there is a 14 day turn around. A letter was sent on the 10/10 to my gp surgery & it was upto them to send me my results. Apparently they don't send out letters for vault smears as I have been taken off the screening programme. I will be going into the surgery later, to sort this out. I feel really let down, waiting for a letter I was never going to receive. Xx