Vault Smear & 6 Month Check Up

Hi Ladies

Had my vault smear and 6 month check up this morning.  Was terrified beforehand but all went well.  The vault smear wasn't painful as I thought it would be and he had a good feel round inside too.  The results will be back in 1-2 weeks but he said he would phone me if anything was wrong.

He said it has healed nicely and it all looks good which is a relief.  I still have some internal healing going on from my 2nd op which apparently could take up to 2 years to heal - the left side of my vertical scar is a bit swollen and is slightly painful when pressed - don't mind this as long as I know the reason behind it.

I asked him why not all places do vault smears and he said not all consultants believe that they are necessary  He says he does them as you can find out early stage vaginal cancer that way and he likes to give his patients extra reassurrance by doing them.  He does them at 6 months post op and then another one at 12 months after that but will do them again if the patient requests it.

He said he will start drawing out the appointments now all is looking ok, my next one is in 4 months time, I will have a MRI in November, see him in December then probably have 6 month appointments next year depending on how the next ones go.

Still getting some vulva soreness and itching and he has prescribed some hormone cream for that to be used twice weekly.

Will feel happier when the smear results come through but that's another hurdle over with for now!

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Great news - fingers crossed for your results xx


Hi Cheryl

Hope all goes well with your results.

Your post interested me as I am 15 months post op and not been offered a vault smear or MRI at 3 month checks. I did ask at 12 months and my consultant said it was not nescessary.

I agree it would give extra reassurance that any thing suspicious would be detected earlier than just feeling/looking approach.

I have recently moved onto 4 monthly checks which is great but can't help feeling nervous and paranoid sometimes.

Moving forward I may ask again about this at my check up next month to stop some of the worry inbetween appointments

Best Wishes

Kath x

Hi Kath

Thank you for your good wishes.  I posted this as someone else had queried about having a vault smear and it became apparent that it varies so much.  My consultant said it was very much down to the individual consultant, I'm lucky in that mine does them as standard practice to give that extra reassurance.  The only other option would be to pay for one privately.

You say that you have just recently moved to 4 month appointments but I am just 6 months post op and am being moved to 4 month appointments now.  Another variance!  I hated having the original MRI but am glad I will be having another one a year post op.  I get nervous and paranoid too and sometimes it feels like we are treading water from appointment to appointment.  Hopefully that will get better with time.

Good luck with your check up next month, let me know how you get on.


Thank you Tracey.xx

HI Cheryl

Good luck with the results and another milestone ticked off.

I have my first 3 month post-op check up on 14th April and reading your post - and those of other ladies -  gives me an idea of what to expect.

Hugs SL x

Hey cheryl, i also asked why i would not get a vault smear when i ha my my three month check and was told they dont do them. Neither do they do follow up scans as kar47 has said. Makes me wonder why the aftercare differs so much with everyone. Anyhw fantastic that you have healed well. GL for your results , lea xxx

Thank you SL & lea.  Yes, I consider myself very lucky to be having the vault smears and MRI.  Will keep you posted on the results.


Hi Cheryl, I just had my first Vault smear in Jan and will have my follow up in Jan next year. My first one has come back normal.. Yay! Wishing you all the best and I'll look forward to your update :) Shaz.xx

Hi Shaz

So pleased your vault smear results were good - fingers crossed mine will be too.

Thank you for your good wishes - I wish you all the best in your journey too.


Hi Lea

I noticed you had LVSI present but have received further treatment. In my case although LVSI present the recommendation was no further treatrment. Just another difference to where you are being treated. Hope it all went well

Kath x

Hi kar, yes LVSI was present i had 25 RT sessions due to the fact the tumor was a grade 3 ie aggressive, also it was kind of a rare type of cancer so i belive nd i was deemed high risk of recourrance. Did they offer you any further tratment? Lea xx


Hi Cheryl,

So nice to hear that you are doing well after all the struggle xxxxxx lots of hugs xxx




Hey both, I had LVSI as well and they decided just to monitor it as I was desperate to preserve fertility... We can only hope and trust that we are in good hands and they are giving us the best advice possible ... It is still scary though to think that some of those cells might or might not have escaped ... I guess we have to take the risk xx

Hi Jelena

Thank you for your post - its good to hear from you.

Yes, I feel so much better now than what I did a few months ago.  Still have a few niggles but they are minor compared to how I was.  

Have you had your MRI results yet?  I'm keeping everything crossed for you that they are clear.  Let me know how you get on.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx