Vault Smear Results


Received my vault smear results today and am very pleased to say they were clear! Smile

The consultant stated in his letter that the 'examination revealed a very healthy looking vaginal vault' - music to my ears!!!

That's another hurdle over with!

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Well done an fantastic news cheryl xxx

Fabaroo!!! News like that is worth celebrating xxx

Brilliant news!!! I popped on to see if you had updated :) Sooo happy for you x (ps have you had anymore problems with itching down there as I have been experiencing that lately..) luv Shaz x

Hi Cheryl

Thats great news - So pleased for you :))

Ihad my check up yesterday and asked about vault smears again. My consultant does not routinely offer them but because I said it would reassure me more I was able to get one. Results in 2 weeks and not really expecting anything to be wrong but it willgive me a bit more confidence everything is fine.

I think all nhs trusts should offer them really.

I hope you continue to feel better x

Best wishes

Kath xx

Hi Shaz

My GP prescribed Cetraben cream to wash 'down there' and Timodene cream to treat it with and it cleared up after 2 weeks.  Still using the Cetraben cream to wash with (can be bought over the counter) and get the odd twinge of soreness but just put a bit of Vagisan moisturising cream on then.

I asked my consultant about it and he said I could now use a hormone cream twice weekly and he wrote down a name of one to ask my GP about.  I will ask her next week when I see her but it has been ok this week - will see what she says.

Hope yours clears up soon!

Thank you for your kind words, I was so pleased with the results too! :-)

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Kath

So pleased you managed to get a vault smear - I agree that all nhs trusts should offer them.  As you say, it just gives that extra reassurrance which we all want after what we have gone through.

Must admit I feel so much better after getting the results, I know it's still a long way to go yet but it has really made me feel a lot more positive.

Let me know your results when you get them.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Cheryl, thanks for the info! Will go and check them out.. I went and had some swabs done and all came back clear so good news :) One more vault smear to go and we can put this behind us. Glad you are doing well. Luv Shaz x