vaginal dryness

Probably way to much info here so stop reading if easily offended.

I had Lletz done 4 weeks ago yesterday. My question is my vaginal has really changed. I got the initial browns bloodied discharge and have had the black cobweb stuff and also a period since the lletz but bang on 3 and a half weeks everything stopped. I've always had loads of discharge from when I was a teenage and I mean loads! Pants would always be fully stained every night and sometimes while doing a poo it would plop out. I was always wet and seeping and sex was really quite bad as I would get so wet I couldn't feel any friction.  I can't work out what's happened. I have no discharge in my pants or very little... sex was good too much better as not so wet, what I am trying to work out us what is normal? I am really confused and I'm sorry if this post has offended anyone..... is lletz known to cause dryness/fix over active discharge problems? I had ectropion also which I guess the Lletz burned that off!? I don't want to ask my gp lol. So confused.