Vaginal Cancer + Cervical Cancer

I am new here.
37 and married with 3 children.

I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer and vaginal cancer (unfortunately very rare). I am eagerly awaiting my CT scan to see if its spread on the 12th Feb. My MRI appt has not been allocated to me yet and this is the important one.
So as you can imagine, I don’t know my staging for either.

I am anxious about what is to come.

It seems like an age but it looks like you have quite a quick appointment. First will be a CT scan to see the area and then you’ll have an MRI and pet scan. This will aid the doctors to stage you and then see what is the best option for treatment. It’s easy to say don’t overdo think, but try to take each day as it is and survive.

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Thank you Harvitt for your reply. I am really sorry you have been through this. And seeing you post gives me great hope for the future.

Can I ask when you were diagnosed with vaginal cancer and what the treatment was like if you don’t mind sharing?

I know everyone with vc + cc is treated differently
It really does feel like ages to be honest. That is how my onc/gyn explained it to me also. He said I’d get a quicker CT as the hospital has more machines than MRI.

I looked into it too much on Saturday night and broke down thinking the worst.

Thanks again for your reply, you don’t realise how much it means not to feel alone.