What to expect?


I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on the 31/10 and I was only 24 when I had cervical cancer. After this was detected on a biopsy. I have My MRI scan tomorrow, My CT scan Thursday and a PEP scan Friday. Im a single mum to a 5 year old little girl and I’m staying strong for her and my family. I’ve never had anyone close to me that’s had any sort of cancer. I’m from a small family of only mum mum, dad, siblings etc. I’m a very strong minded person and am working towards my goals of becoming a paramedic. I will still be attending college as I do this on a Tuesday for As long as I can. 


Can anyone give me any advice about if they have had all 3 scans and how was the wait waiting for your scan results? 

Mom trying to keep busy and try to not think about it. But I also think it’s important to get my feelings out to people who can relate to me? 


Thanks kirsty x

Hi there,

So sorry to hear you are going through this worry and crap!

Yes its common practice to have all 3 scans. They need to make sure the staging is correct to be able to advise what treatment is best for you. Some scans can be a bit off like my CT showed a tumor of 3cm and the MRI a 5cm tumor. So I was diagnosed with 2B CC and treated with chemo/radio and brachytheraphy. I was able to work for 3 weeks into treatment then had to stop as my bowels were playing up and I had awful nausea and was soooo tired towards end of week 3. I just finished treatment 2 weeks ago so feel free to reach out ifnu hv any questions. Once you know your stage and treatment plan you will feel better as you will feel like you are doing something about it.

Sending positive thoughts ur way!

Oh and I am in Australia, so things may differ for you but my last scan was on the 1st of Aug and I started treatment on the 23rd. So appx 3 weeks wait for me.

Hi so sorry for what you are going through at the moment the waiting is horrible but once your scans are done your team will be able to stage your cc and give you a treatment plan. Once you have your plan you will feel you have something to fight with if that makes sense lol. Good luck and take care x

I had most of my scans last week & have an appointment on the 4th Dec to discuss treatment. Just try to keep your head above water. I'm only 25, have kids so understand the feelings in regards to that. I've been getting on with life as normal as I can, still going to work & will continue to do as long as possible. I have cancer but I wont let it rule my life & the bills still need paid. It's also ok to let your feelings out too. I've found it a rollercoaster so far x