Updated pregnancy and treatment


I posted on here a week or two ago and wanted to update incase any women find themselves in a similar situation to me. 

I was due a 2nd LETTZ for 1a1 CC, however in the meantime between appointments i found i was pregnant. My consultant in a nutshell advised there was nothing they could do other than terminate or wait until february 2020 to complete treatment, will no monitoring in between unless i had any pain. I accepted this but the more i thought about it i was unsettled at the thought of not having any consultant follow up during my pregnancy. As a nurse, i know sometimes doctors all don't sing from the same hymm sheet. I asked for a second opinion by Mr Smith at the Christie who i saw last week, he was absolutely brilliant and really put my mind at ease, he will monitor me through my pregnancy and see me every few weeks to have a good look at my cervix, and if he feels there is anything suspicious he will will act accordingly and there are many options available whilst pregnant. I was told otherwise by my other consultant. 

I am very happy i got the second opinion and would encourage anyone who is unsettled with their treatment plan to always push to have another specialists opinion. 

Hope all is well with you ladies, and best wishes. 


Hi Kate,

Your post filled me with some hope - congratulations on your pregnancy also. 

I have a few questions- Did you have the lletz treatment whilst pregnant? Did your consultant mention what your other options were whilst pregnant other than monitoring? 

I am 15 weeks pregnant and my consultant has advised I have loop/lletz in the next few weeks for queried glandular cells. I’ve had an MRI last week and an internal ultrasound which indicated no ‘bulky cancer’ which is great news however colposcopys he says he can see something but without the loop to biopsy he can’t tell what it is. He has advised not to leave it for another 6 months but I’m so unsure as I don’t want to risk the baby. 

He has said the decision is down to me and my husband but I’m so torn between leaving it for 6 months and having the treatment.