Upcoming LLETZ


Find it somehow helpful to have a community, reading different scenarios, outcomes and stories. Just here to share mine to add to the data and support… My routine smear showed high risk HPV and borderline changes in Jan 22’ (I think I had contracted it fairly soon before this, 3 or 4 months, if my suspicions are correct) the colposcopy biopsy soon after the smear test showed CIN1. Smear 1 year later in Jan 23’ showed mild dyskaryosis, then colposcopy biopsy soon after showed CIN3. So it seems to have progressed pretty fast. I saw on the screen the larger area of changes. It’s all so very disappointing and has come just as I want to start trying for a baby soon. I’m 33. I have a LLETZ treatment this Friday and have been reading and reading, I just so very much hope the saga ends and I can clear the HPV soon and they get all the nasty cells. Sometimes I swear I can feel my cervix, it’s probably placebo. I’m scared the treatment will effect my fertility and that I’ll get some horrible pathology results from the LLETZ requiring more treatment. I hope this is the end of it. I’ve been taking multivitamins, mushroom supplements, greens and trying to eat well, I eat well enough anyway and don’t smoke. Feeling scared what the next few months bring.

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