Trying not to panic

I’m 11 post treatment and not had any scans or real follow up as yet. MRI is next Wednesday and consultant not until 2nd December. Today I used the ‘bag of tricks’ for the first time in a while due to UTI, and there was a small amount of blood after. I have been intimate since the end of treatment and had no hint of any bleeding during or after until now. I’m now panicking that treatment didn’t work and it’s still there.

Is this normal or should I be worrying

Hi Erin :-)

Worrying achieves nothing so is not a valid course of action :-)

It is extremely unlikely that treatment didn't work and that your tumour is still there.

The little bit of blood may have something to do with the UTI but you can always speak with your GP or your MDTeam about any concerns you have. Your MRI is next Wednesday which is a normal time-frame from the end of treatment and hopefully the results from that will put a great big beaming smile all across your face.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli :-)

Again your wise words have helped no end. 

Having spent yesterday all over the place, I have given myself a slap and a stern talking to. 

I tried my cns yesterday and as always seems to be the way when i have a reason to ring, she's out of the office until Monday. Older posts on here have also been reassuring. 

Good luck xx

Don't beat yourself up sweetheart :-)
Have some cake ;-) Or whatever treat you like - we deserve treats :-)

Be lucky :-)