Treatment after radical

Hi I’m 10 days post radical hysterectomy and lymph biopsy, I feel so nervous about my results I was staged at 1a2 before surgery has anyone needed more treatment post surgery or had the stage changed I’m a nervous wreck xx

Hi Lawro79

2017, following a diagnosis of stage 1B1 (new Figo 1B2) squamous cell cervical cancer I had a lymphadenectomy and radical hysterectomy. My tumour measured 3.8cm and the surgeon said I had a 90% chance of a surgical cure.

Unfortunately, although I was node negative, post op histology showed I had lymphvascular spave invasion, perineural invasion and a close margin and I was advised I should have further treatment. I was devastated to get that news particularly because I’d allowed myself to believe that the RH would be the end of it. Also, after my RH I had the unexpected outcome of long term total urinary retention and was preoccupied with the challenge of self catheterisation, which sort of trumped the fear of cancer at the time.

Of course there can be no promises but with stage 1a2 you have a much better chance of a surgical cure than I did. Ideally I guess we should try and keep an open mind and not get unduly complacent or too worried and deal with things as they come - easy to say I know.

Hopefully you will know what the situation is very soon; waiting for results isn’t fun!


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I am so sorry you had to go through all that as if the cancer isn’t bad enough. I’m hoping to hear Wednesday or Thursday as that will be nearly 3 weeks. The waiting is the worst. They told me it was highly unlikely I would need further treatment after it but the more people I hear different from is scary. Xx

Bear in mind that those of us who’ve had a difficult experience are more likely to post on the forum, than those who’ve had a relatively straightforward ‘journey’.



I opted not to have radical hysterectomy and had 25 radiotherapy treaments 5 chemo and 3 brachytherapy fortunately all clear now. was stage 1B1. I was informed if I had surgery that radiotherapy might need to follow the surgery anyway. If you need further treatment its not all that bad.

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Thank you. I rang my oncology nurses yesterday to see if my results were back but they wasn’t so won’t be this weeks mdt… fingers crossed I will know next week xx

Hi Lozza

I guess for someone with stage at 1B1 cc you took a fairly unusual decision in opting for chemo-radio as first choice treatment, but I can totally see why that might be right for some. Good to hear you are all clear now. Another case I heard of was a lady who had a RH but refused further treatment when she was advised to have it - she was (?luckily) doing well many years down the road.

I got somewhat bogged down trying to weigh up all the pros and cons of treatment options so decided to go along with the recommendations of my oncology team. It was an agonising time; I remember asking at my first chemo session whether further treatment was really necessary. We are all different and of course none of us can ever know what the outcome of different decisions might have been, we can only do what seems right at the time.