Hi all

I had my trach and lymph node removal on Monday. I had mine done abdominally. I have seen others on here who had theirs done larascopically but apparently there is nobody qualified to do it this way in Scotland.

I went into hospital on Sunday night and had my the usual blood tests and a chat with the anaesthetist who was the same one I had for my cone biopsy. I had a pretty awful sleep but was pleased to be first in theatre on Monday so no waiting around without food or drink for hours like last time.

I don’t remember much of what happened on the Monday evening but I was quite ill with the pain medication and had to be given an anti sickness injection. I had expected to be in pain but hadn’t really expected it to be so difficult to move around and get up and down etc.

I was discharged on Wednesday late afternoon, I was so happy. I really hated being in hospital. The staff were mostly very good. Food was awful and the beds are so short haha.

I am so pleased to be at home now. My mum and boyfriend have been taking it in turns to look after me as I still can’t get up and down from the sofa unaided. I managed to have a proper standing up shower today so that made me really happy. I have a catheter in which I think will be taken out in a week or so.

The scar is quite long but neat. I still have some swelling in my stomach but the swelling I had in my thighs the first couple of days has gone now.

I have to get results on 14 December so really hoping that the lymph nodes are clear. They said when they looked that they looked clear but need to be sent away to be sure. Just have to try and stay positive.

I wanted to post my experience just in case anyone is away to get this procedure X

Ooh that's great news! Sounds like you are making a really good recovery. Tell me, did you have stitches or staples and can you say how long your incision was? Vertical or horizontal?

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli :) 

it is horizontal and stitches. I asked before hand if I would be getting staples as I remember seeing my mum's friend after a c section with staples and I hoped that I wouldn't be getting that. I am awful at estimate measurements I would say around 6 inches. I am a bit gutted I couldn't have got it done larascopically but that scar is far down that if you were wearing a bikini you wouldn't see it I don't think. Starting to get  little more feeling back around the area so that's good as I was worried it would be swollen forever. 

Oh horizontal is sweet enough :-)

Thanks for accommodating me :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi, how are you feeling now? A little improvement I hope. I had my nodes removed on 25/11, they were clear (yeah!) and a RH inc the ovaries and part of the vagina! I am really not sure what's left in me?? I felt so sick and they kept pumping me with anti sickness and pushing drugs on me in the end I said no more and have stuck to just paracetamol and I feel much better. I am eating almost normally which is making me stronger. I feel the key thing is to only do what your body allows you. I was lucky to have had keyhole so I can only imagine how moving must feel for you. I hope you get good news, mine will be about the same time so fingers crossed for us both!!

wishing you a speedy recovery:)


Getting better everyday, thank you. I called the hospital today as they never gave me a an appointment to get the catheter out so I will be going in to get that out on Monday, can't wait! I think I shall go for a coffee after as I have hardly been out of the house. I am only taking paracetomal and ibuprofen now. My follow up app is on 14th when is yours? Hope you are ok too. X