Radical trachelectomy + lymph node removal

I haven't been on here for a while as I was winding myself up too much before my operation. Well I had my treatment last Thursday and I had not prepared myself for how awful I would feel. Hit by a bus was an understatement. Saying that I was only in hospital for 2 nights and was discharged on the Saturday late afternoon. I was in surgery for 6 hours when I was told it would be 2 so my family were in a state of panic on the day. The surgeon did come to see me on the night but I was too out of it to remember what she said. 

I woke up having a panic attack in recovery so I was there for about 2 hours also. By the time I was on the ward it was visiting so my partner came to see me. I was sick from the anaesthetic but it did bring the colour back into me. My right leg was numb, later Ifound out this was nerve damage. After walking a little and some physio nor feeling is returning. Also I have awful lower back pain, which is being controlled still by paracetamol and codein every 4-6hours. I was surprised how tired I am. Today 8 days post op I am finding, come 4pm I need a lie down. 

Being at home, personally made me feel better. The only thing is I am not moving very well. The day I came home it took me nearly 10 mins to get upstairs due to me ding breathless. I have only tackled the stairs in the last 2 days, being propped up by my partner. Maybe I am struggling with this due to the nerve damage. Not sure. 

Oh I also am still very swollen. My stomach mainly bt also the very top of my legs and inbetween my legs too.

Catheter had to be in for 10 days so I get that removed tomorrow - hooray!!

 on a positive, my surgeon rang today and gave me the fantastic news that no trace had been found in my lymph nodes and all cancer was removed. I cannot tell you how thrilled me, my family and friends are.

So I now have to concentrate on fully recovering and Christmas of course.

If anyone wants any further info or wants to ask any questions please do.

Love Beccy x

Hey Beccy,

That is wonderful news, congratulations on getting the all clear! You can now concentrate fully on your recovery. I am now 2 weeks post op although I had a hysterectomy, my op was also on a Thursday and I was home on the Saturday! The first week was tough I have to say, I was very shaky, pale and tired a lot but I didn't have any nerve damage. Be kind to yourself and don't expect too much too soon. If you're not up to visitors ask them to come another time, they will understand. My husband went back to work this week and I was so worried about how I was going to cope but I have to say since Thursday I have been doing the school & nursery run - they are literally over the road - and it actually feels good to get out and get some fresh air even though the weather has been awful! I feel so much stronger now than I did this time last week. You will get there but slowly, there is no rush. Make sure you keep an eye on everything though and don't hesitate to get to the doctor if you feel something isn't right. You know you're own body and don't let docs fob you off.

Stay positive, you've been through so much and the worst is over now, look after yourself,

Big hugs xx