Trach: TICK

Hi ladies,
So I’m currently lying in my hospital bed having had my trach done 12 hours ago. I cannot tell you the relief I feel. It’s done, margins were clear and there were no swollen lymph nodes.
I am uncomfortable, tired and hungry but so far it is ok.
So now it’s just a case of recovering and waiting to hear if all nodes taken were clear. If not, I’ll get radiochemo, if it has to be done it has to be done.
Thank you to everyone for their help and support so far and to all the girls who have to get this done: don’t be scared.

Thanks for sharing Maeve :-)


Hope you feel better very soon

Be lucky :-)

Thanks Tiv. Nodes clear. Doc happy. Will know about cervical tissue in 2 weeks. Can go home tomorrow. X

Hi there! Well done, so happy you managed to get this surgery done and that the nodes are clear-you got to know so quickly!! What a relief!!


This is inspiring to hear . I have been such a moaner . Your attitude is inspirational for me. Thank you for this post

I’ve had a weird attitude to the whole cancer diagnosis where I found it hard to believe as I had no symptoms just the smear - but suppose this is the case for many ?

Feel as though everything is imposed on me.

Thank you for your post and making me grateful for the chance to have the surgery xxx

Henrah I know exactly what you mean. I almost feel as if my first consultant 'gave' me cancer. I had some bleeding but felt great, was in the gym the night before my trach, didn't feel ill at all. I thought for a long time it'd be a rad hyst for me so the trach is like winning the lottery. And this temporary pain n discomfort is a million times better than having cancer. It won't be long before you move on with your life and put this in the rear-view mirror. And also, don't be afraid to moan, it DOES suck! If it was easy everyone would do it! But you are super brave and strong and don't ever forget that. X