Trachelectomy - Update

Hello ladies,


I haven’t been on here for a long time as I have been concentrating on my recovery. Since my last post about my planned trachelectomy, a lot has happened. I had my trach and lymph node removal on 30th Sept as planned, everything went well but after 2 weeks I experienced a collection of fluid in my abdomen and was admitted to hospital for 3 days for antibiotics and pain killers. Whilst I was in hospital I got the results from my trach and it was good but also bad news, my (45!) lymph nodes were all clear but the margins weren’t clear enough so I was then scheduled in for a hysterectomy (keeping my ovaries) on 7th Nov. By this point I was also struggling with a bit of lymphoedema in my right leg so whilst they were in there, they drained the lymph fluid and I haven’t had any problems since (touchwood). I am now 5 weeks on from my hysterectomy, i’m back at work and feel great. I have had my results back and I won’t need any further treatment, I did have CGIN cells in my womb so it was a good call from my surgeon.


I did initially feel sad about my loss of fertility but I am so happy to be healthy again. I know that I will have children one day, just not through the usual means. I also feel really lucky to have met a couple of people on this forum who have helped and supported me through everything, especially all the ladies of the Jo’s Trust Manchester Support Group. I would urge anyone to join a local support group, the thought of having those ladies behind me every step and knowing they will be there for as long as I need them has really helped me get through all this.


If anyone has any questions regarding the trachelectomy or hysterectomy – I would be happy to answer, I asked loads before my op and it did help.


The number one thing I would say to anyone else dealing with this awful situation is to stay positive, I really believe it helps with your recovery process. Also, remember, what happens to one person may not always be the case for another, every person is different - I don't want to scare anyone in to thinking this will happen to them.


Sorry for the ridiculously long post!! 


Katy xx

You’re an inspirational lady Katy xxx

Thanks for posting. Just been trying to keep track of all the ladies who were so supportive around the time I had my op a few months ago xxx

Poor Katy xxxx lots of love and hugs to you!!!! Xxxxx hope everything is getting better for you now xxx