tiredness post treatment

Hi guys I finished my treatment last week - 7 chemo, 28 radiotherapy and 3 bracatherpy - and I'm feeling ok in myself other than having cystitis  (boo!). 

I have noticed that since I have finished my last treatment I am so tired all the time - I've fallen asleep 3 times today! - but I haven't had this since I finished my chemo so why has it come back?? Can anyone say how long it lasted for? It's ruining my life atm as I have no energy to do anything going the toilet is a mission so I'm sleeping on my sofa as my loo is down stairs :-(.

Does anyone have any tips on how to manage/beat it? I am also struggling with eating at the moment I only get hungry about once a day then it passes so I'm not intrested in food which is annoying as I am skin and bone as it is!

Thanks guys xx

Sorry, no advice from me here really, but I'm much in the same boat!

Finished my treatment last week with my last brachy and I've been very much the same as you. Sleepy all the time and I feel like my sickness has come back. Struggling to eat anything at all and I'm always nauseous. Eating once a day at most and have no desire to eat at all.

In terms of cystitis, I've had it since treatment started but it's flared up again this week as well. I live on the ground floor of a bedsit and the toilet is upstairs, shared by six of us so it's a nightmare!

We're both in the same boat here, so feel free to message me. Perhaps symptoms have flared up for a while but hopefully they'll calm down again Soon!


I guess this means that the treatment is continuing to work on your body despite the fact that you are no longer having to travel to the hospital every day. Try not to stress too much about the fatigue, it will pass sooner or later.

Be lucky :-)

I've been told the treatment works for 6 months after you've finished it which is good but so annoying with the side effects 

Hi, I had a similar regime ending the beginning of March.  I tried fighting it but actually made myself really ill.  I have had to adapt to a regime of sleeping for a couple of hours during the afternoon.  It drives me nuts.

It have been really helpful to me if someone had explained to me that the tiredness would last for a long time.  I thought that I would be back at work in the summer.  Instead I can work for about one or two hours a day, plus travel.

I really think that you need to pace yourself in this situation.  When I look after myself I am okay until about 11am then get tired, have a sleep and then get up and then I am tired but still functional.

I shouldn't worry too much about eating if you don't feel hungry.  It will come back.  I used to through up the anti-sickness stuff, everything.  Eventually I got to grips with managing to eat again.

Well done for getting this far.


Juley x

Hey Juley!

Great to see you around! How are you doing? Tired, obviously, but generally?

Lots of love