Any tips?

Hi ladies hope everyone is doing ok? so ive just finished my 5 weeks chemo/radio and am about to start 3 brachytherapy starting next week. And I'm just wondering how long until you ladies started to feel human again?! The tiredness I can cope with it's just the constant nausea I feel sick day and night ive tried numerous anti sickness tablets and I've managed to settle on one which had helped because before this tablet I couldn't eat and that obvisly made my sickness worse, but even now with the tablets I still feel sick. So I was just wondering if any one had any tips or remedies to keep the sickness at bay would be so grateful if you could share! 

Take care



Hi Dominique

Cant believe you have completed the 5 weeks already - how time flies.....   The good news is just 3 more treatments to go.

For me the sickness and nausea started to reduce the further I got away from the last chemo treatment, and after about 2 weeks it was at a level where it was occasional nausea and manageable.   I found that lemonade drinks really helped to reduce the nausea so I could have some light meals.   For a time I ate small amounts several times a day and found that whilst I still felt sick, I was able to sit quiet whilst it past.    I didnt find anything to get rid of it completely, but hope yours reduces like mine did and as quickly.

The tiredness increased for me through the bracky treatment and a week after the last treatment I was still sleeping for most of the day - I had a word with the senior radiotherapy nurse to see if this was normal and she arranged some tests which showed some of my levels were way below normal and needed treating, along with a water infection.   A week later I didnt need to sleep in the day, but still needed to take things steady.  4 weeks after treatment I felt well enough to go away and relax.....  Just remember to ask your nurse about any of the side effects you are experiencing, they might be standard side effects, but they might need a little help to get over ..... Never a silly question in my book !!

Take care and good luck with your brachy treatment.



Thank you Tracey will defintley try the lemonade fed up of having no go in me whatsoever. Thanks Hunni xx