Treatment starting

hi ladies

i start my treatment on Monday, feeling great about it strangely, all ready to kick arse maybe, I don't know. I am just wondering how you feel after first week, and when crapness, if that's a word, starts to kick in. Any advice, tips are appreciated


thanks for reading

I can't answer your question as I start my treatment Monday too. Like you am looking forward to getting on with it.

I'm following with interest. 

Hope all goes well for you with your treatment and no nasty side affects.


Aw good luck to you too :) x


Following as well! Mine begins two weeks monday x

Hiya Hun I finished my treatment 3 wks ago had the same treatment as you first I was fine with the treatment felt a little sick of the chemo but anti sickness tabs thay give you r fine as for raidio felt a little bit tiered but I have a 9 month old and 3 other children who kept me on my toes am feeling a little bit like crap now thou think the menopause is kicking in am snapping at people and up n down and getting hot flushes not nice I can tell you going to see my consultant next wk hopefully get some hrt to help me lol good luck with your treatment keep us posted xxxx

Hi everyone :-)

Wishing you all the very best for your forthcoming therapies. To the best of my recollection I was fine and dandy the first couple of weeks but began to slow up in week three or four. Note: I was doing an incredibly exhausting journey to reach my treatment centre and that may have had a very big part to play in my general energy levels. Besides fatigue, my only side effects were a sudden and compelling inability to drink coffee right from the start :-( and a bit of loose and urgent bowel from about halfway through.

Be lucky :-)

Hi All


I finished treatment in March. I noticed that I started to tire around week 3. Side effects weren't too bad, week one and two couldnt believe how well I felt! Week 3 I noticed I was more tired than usual, so napped as and when it was needed. I had a bit of sickness from the chemo, make sure you take your anti-sickness tablets, and diarrhoea and cystitis from the radiotherapy. Cant stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated!! Just keep drinking water, makes such a difference. Also make sure you let the chemo and rads team know how you're feeling, if you are suffering let them know as they can help!!

Good luck xxx


Thanks,everyone for taking the time to reply, it really means a lot xx