Timeframe for Colpscopy results

Hello everyone,

I had my first colpscopy on Feb 13, 2024 and no results yet. Never knew it could take this long. I recently found out I have high risk HPV (16/18 type) and a few abnormal pap smears. My doctor has never sat down with me to explain pap smear results or what high risk HPV is. I feel he isn’t taking my health seriously. Has anyone dealt with a situation like this? Reading through my medical records, it seems I had the diagnosis back in 2022 but it was never told to me. A part of me wants to call to see if my results came in or should I just wait for the office to call? I really want to find a new OBGYN at this point. I am disappointed :disappointed:

Hello I think if you don’t have results 4 weeks after your appointment definitely call to get them . Good luck

I called today. No luck but hopefully I will hear back soon. Thank You