Thoughts wanted! Your helpful contributions for our blog

Hello everyone,

Here at Jo’s we are wanting to write a blog post aimed at friends/family/loved ones, talking about ways they can support someone through cancer treatment.

The support of a loved one can be so important during this time and we know often loved ones want to be supportive but sometimes don’t know how to, or the right thing to say.

So I was wondering if you would mind commenting nice things that people have done for you, or things that someone could say/ has said to you that has really helped you during treatment, or put a smile on your face.

Please feel free to comment with whatever suggestion or thoughts you have. Your comments are so valued and appreciated by us.

Thank you so much.

Best wishes,


I love this! Battling cancer shows you what is really important, and I've learned that the more personalized the gift, the better! Three things meant the most to me during my battle with cervical cancer: getting a family portrait pre-, during, and after treatment; receiving greeting cards with personalized meassages (avoid generalities); and a jar full of post it notes on bright paper that included personal messages and motivational quotes from my students. They gave me the jar as I was going on medical leave for surgery. My husband would read me a few a day while I was in the hospital and then more when I was healing at home. Treat the mind! That is the hardest part of dealing with cancer. As for the pictures, they make me proud to see today as a survivor and I can't wait to tell my toddler son the story of these pictures some day. Finally, help those you love to find purpose. The best gift I received was the help of my little sister in creating a blog. I needed to know that regardless of everything I lost, there was a purpose. 

Hi MyByTheWay,

Thanks for your comment it's is so lovely to hear about the support you received. The personalised messages from your students are so wonderful too! Some people struggle wondering what they can do and these are really lovely examples.