motivational message

Hi ladies I seem to of had a new outlook on things over the past few days I don't know if it was having a brwkdown and crying for 7 hours straight, which got everything out, or the cuddles and smiles from my nieces or it could of been the cuddle from my nieces nee hamster lol! 

I have been looking on other forums and talking to other ladies like us and passing on advice etc and I feel that every once in a whole we need reminding just how strong a sex we are and how we manage everything on a daily basis as well as having this horrible t***t to deal with cus it us to be fair! None of us asked for this but we dam well won't be giving into it! If we can run a household, look after our partners, children and hold down jobs and other things WHILST beating this then nothing can stand in our way! Right? We are an army against this and we are fighting to win and win we will - I'm sorry for being disrespectful (sorry if spelt wrong) to those who can not - I have advanced cancer and although I have not been told there is no option, because there is, I am not stupid I know my chances aren't as high as someone else, I've got my "health", my age (28), I don't drink or smoke (I'm not boring honest haha!) - I know that the treatment can stop or it can come back and that's it game over - BUT I am not thinking of what ifs I'm thinking about now and how I'm fed up of the bloody hospital and people saying hello carmel before I open my mouth (it's weird!!) But I know it's only a short term issue for a better outcome! I am beating this - slowly and lots of treatment but I'm getting there and if I can you can.

We are all behind one another (no matter how annoying I am :-)) and I know that you ladies will always help me when I need it with advice, someone to tell me everything will be ok etc.....Thank you!

I have found a message I suppose you could call it and it really touched me and what I am going through and I think it will help others:

I've seen a saying today "someone once asked my why I hold my head up so high after all I have been through. I replied because I no matter what, I AM a survivor, I am not a victim" 

Sorry if I've annoyed anyone I will be crying tomorrow haha! Xx

It's not annoying at all. :) 

Well done Carmel fab message. I agree us women are stronger than we know. Lots of love xx

Thanks Carmel for posting such an up beat message.You sound

like a lovely person.Sending you a big ((((HUG))))

All the best

Becky x


Brilliant Carmel, thanks :-)

(It's funny isn't it, that whole "Hello Carmel" before you open your mouth. Does it also go along with a gentle touch or stroke of your hand? Or with mouthed but not spoken words "How are you today?" It's like we're suddenly made of glass. Well done fellow piece of glass for shouting back :-)

Be lucky :-)

people don't tend to touch me but I get the sympathy look which drives me up the wall lol! I have to keep telling my family the same that I am still a person.

my nieces are the only ones who jump all over me like I'm not broken - bless them!

thank you ladies I think sometimes we just need reminding how strong we are and like tivoli says we're not glass 


Brilliant words of advice and encouragement. Thank u very much. 

Nicola x