Thoughts wanted! Your helpful contributions for our blog

Hello everyone,

Here at Jo’s we are wanting to write a blog post aimed at friends/family/loved ones, talking about ways they can support someone through cancer treatment.

The support of a loved one can be so important during this time and we know often loved ones want to be supportive but sometimes don’t know how to, or the right thing to say.

So I was wondering if you would mind commenting nice things that people have done for you, or things that someone could say/ has said to you that has really helped you during treatment, or put a smile on your face.

Please feel free to comment with whatever suggestion or thoughts you have. Your comments are so valued and appreciated by us.

Thank you so much.

Best wishes,


Cooked meals for my family on the long chemo days. 

Brought me magazines to read

Hi Philleepa,

Thanks for your comment. It is so great when people help with meal times, it's one less thing to have to think about. I'm glad you had lovely people around bringing magazines too. 

Best wishes,



apart from the house work and the cooking and the dog walking 

my boys and husband used to leave me little post it notes all over the house saying things like 

you can do this 

kicking chemo's butt

smile your amazing 

keep going never give up 

or even well done  keep going we are so proud 

ahhh the little things but worth getting up to every day 

i used to have girlie nights in at my house once a week where my friends would do my nails for me and any house work that needed to be caught up on 

love michelle xx


my hubby moved all his stuff from out of our bathroom and to the main one and bought pretty much a drugs store worth of things from flushable wipes to magazine to make up and all things I seemed to be using. That was my little piece of hevan. He made sure he brought flowers every week through treatment. 

I was sometimes embarrassed over the time I had to be in There and felt so stupid sitting on the loo or in tub for my sore butt but anytime I asked he would come sit beside the tub and we would just chat. 

To be honest I kind of miss those moments. 


Thanks so much michellek123 and Lolli888 for your posts and sharing. It is so wonderful hearing the ways you got support. It sounds like you both have such caring and thoughtful partners.

Best wishes,


My hubby has been amazing .. we are moving house on Friday and I’m on week 3 of treatment! He’s done nearly everything plus look after me, cooking me my weird craving food and foot rubs, and talks . I have found out who my true friends are which are many thank goodness. Some just avoid me. Phrase like “ be positive” “ be strong “ are ok and things I have said in the past to people with cancer. It can get annoying though as you feel,you have to have this big smile on your face constantly, proving you are and actually I am most of the time.  Close girly friends have been amazing and for those of us who,live miles away it’s brought us all together. On FB tonight there are hilarious 1980 videos of us and loads of offers of help with the house move. On the other end of the scale a best friend of 20 years hasn’t even contacted me. I think this journey is like a toberlone bar ... up and down literally every day different. Peaks and troughs. I don’t care though as long as I come out of this with my life. I’ll,also be a wiser woman who doesn’t sweat the small stuff anymore.