Testing positive for HPV

Hello ladies,

I tested positive in Nov 2019 for HPV but no abnormal cells, I tested positive again in October 2021, I’ve just book myself again for cervical test. I’m just worried it hasn’t cleared yet I’m with a same partner for over 6 - 7 years now does that mean I’ve had HPV for 6 - 7 years now or even more if I’ve had it before that?

Would it ever clear or am I just waiting to get cancer. Please I just need some reassurance.

Thank you so much :pray:

Hi @Sapna

Its entirely possible youve had it in your system but in a state of dormancy, HPV wasnt brought in as a primary testing untill 2019 meaning it was only tested for if they found abnormalities so many of us didnt know we even had it until the testing changed… however being positive in no way means you will definitely develop CC even having cell changes doesnt mean its a definate, many changes go away on their own, i had treatment for CIN3 and even that has been known to regress nearly 40% of the time

Around 80% of the population world wide currently has or has had HPV but only a rare percentage will go on to develop CC so you have numbers on your side :slight_smile:

Hope everything goes well x

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Thank you so much :heart: