HPV 16 Positive


I recently had a smear in December 2021 and I got my results a couple of weeks ago via a letter which said I was hpv positive with no abnormal cells detected.
I had an absolute melt down. Panicked and worry, then I was confused and a Angry wondering how I had it and why and if my partner had been unfaithful.
It caused a lot of problems for days in my relationship
Anyway my doctor was absolutely hopeless didn’t and couldn’t give me any information or answer any of my questions I had.
So I booked myself a private test to find out what strain I had and I got the results back this evening and it’s strain 16!!! I’m beside myself. I’m so scared my cells are going to change bad my body won’t fight it off. I keep asking myself why hasn’t my body done that already. I’ve been with my partner for 9 years, I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old that I worry about.
Urghhhh my heads all over the place with it all… doesn’t help I’m a bit of a hypochondriac and literally think every time I’m poorly it’s something bad.
Has anyone else found out their strain? I’m so worried and scared I won’t fight this off and my cells will change xxx

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Please take a deep breath. You are panicking and you don’t need to be. Firstly, HPV can lay dormant in the body for years. You could’ve contracted it many years ago, and now it has reappeared. This happens a lot!

Secondly, knowing your HPV strain isn’t going to make a difference here. What will make a difference is that you continue to have your smears so that if you have any cell changes, they can be monitored and treated. I’ve had HPV positive smears for the past three years, so I had colposcopy and they found cell changes, CIN2. Had treatment today. No big deal, it’s not cancer. Again, this is so very common. Just do your best to lead a healthy lifestyle, don’t smoke, and keep your immune system strong.


Hey girlie. I know it easier said that done, but don’t work yourself up. I found out I was HPV positive in 2019 with CN 2 (moderate cell changes). I had a keep procedure last April and u fortunately have had some cell abnormality again. Having HPV does not mean your partner cheated on you and neither done it mean you will developer cervical cancer. Stay on top of your Pap smears, that’s the best you can do. I have a colposcopy in a couple days and I’m freaking out as I just want to have a normal Pap smear for once.

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