Tested hpv for the 3rd year in a row

Hi Ladies

I’m after abit of advice, I’ve tested positive for high risk hpv for 3 years in a row so I’m being sent to the hospital for some tests.

I’m really worried as my immune system doesn’t seem to be getting rid of this an I have cancer.

Been happily married for 9 years an neither of us have cheated.

Sorry to be a pain Ladies just really really anxious an worried.

Hi, I have also received this result this week and am awaiting results for colposcopy! Hpv positive but no abnormal cells found, so I’m taking the latter part as a positive at the moment. Can’t say I’m relaxed about it and it’s constantly in the forefront of my mind but apparently some do take a little longer to shift the HPV! I hope your colposcopy goes well xx