terrified of first screening

Absolutely terrified of my first screening at the end of this year. I.know it's for my own good but as my mum had cervical cancer 7 years ago i'm already convinced something is going to be wrong. 

Hi Kelsey, I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your mum, it's understandable that you would be afraid, but cervical cancer is not hereditary so try to let go of that fear - it will help you to relax & the more relaxed you are the easier the screening will be.  Smears really are not that bad at all - a little uncomfortable, a bit more embarrassing :D - just remember the doctor does that kind of thing all the time.  I'm sure you will be fine *hug*.

Ah it's not nice thinking about it at the best of times so if you've seen your mum go through it then you're bound to be dreading it even more, i hope shes much better now. But try not to worry too much, it's a test for pre-cancerous cells rather than cancer so even if they did find anything it will be most likely very easily treatable. I had my second smear recently and had severe precancerous cells. It terrified me but it's now sorted, and was sorted very quickly and easily. So try not to be over worried. And if all is well which im sure it would be, you dont have to think about it again for another 3 years :)x