Symptoms unsure what to do

Hi ladies,

I’m looking for a bit of advice from anyone in a similar situation.

I have had CIN 3 and CGIN in the past (2021) and treatment resulted in clear margins. The last two follow up tests in 2022 and 2023 have been clear for hpv and abnormal cells. However, I have had clear watery discharge for the last 4 months that hasn’t seemed to go. It’s not a lot and just notice a small wet patch in my undies each time I got to the toilet (sorry TMI) and occasional postcoital spotting.

I was referred for an internal ultrasound after smear was clear which also came back clear they couldn’t see anything abnormal.

I’m just wondering if anyone has been in a similar circumstance with these symptoms and has had a recurrence of abnormal cells or CC? My gynae is on leave for a while and said everything looks fine and that I need to come back early next year for annual smear. But I can’t help but worry and dont know whether to trust it and wait or where else to go from here.

Thanks for reading.

Hi Leelee09

My cervical cancer was preceded by symptoms: persistent yellow watery discharge which after a while became pinky brown, followed by heavy bleeding. I had symptoms for several months before getting a diagnosis.

That’s not to say your symptoms are a sign of cc; there are a number of reasons which could explain them e.g. infection. I think you should get some medical advice asap to discuss/investigate your symptoms.


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Hi Jazza.

Thanks so much for replying. I will go back to my go and see what else they can do. I’ll try and get tested for infections and thought possibly push for MRI.

Thanks again x

Hi how long did you have heavy bleeding, I’m all up to date with smears, last one being September 22, back in may my periods started becoming a bit longer between 8-10 days, I was already under gynae for fertility, I mentioned this and he was concerned, then suddenly I had a period last 3 weeks starting 26th august and finishing 15th September it started with in and off spotting for a few days but then mainly heavy, I saw my gp she send me for a scan and did enter all ect but said she couldn’t see my cervix due to blood, scan showed 2 tiny cyst but apparently nothing to worry about and said she would leave it with my gynae as was due an appointment, unfortunately had to cancel gynae as we had a holiday booked at the same time and they haven’t been able to reschedule anyway doc also prescribed me tranexamic acid ready for next period,so I started bleeding again October 12th started the medication but only made it a little lighter I still bled until 3rd of November then had 5 days no bleeding and wham it’s back again 9th November and still going, I ended up in a&e yesterday as the bleeding got so heavy I was soaking through a pad within 30 minutes, they weren’t very helpful did bloods (all fine) and said contact gp and chase up gynae appointment, I’m now terrified that somethings been missed and I’m now in late stages of cc.

Hello I’m new here. I recently found out that I have high risk hpv. The nurse said my numbers are 16/18. I have no abnormal cells. I have to go back next year for a smear. I read that after age 30 it’s harder to clear hpv I’m 43. I’m so scared the last 3 weeks have been a nightmare. My anxiety got so bad I had to take a week off work. Im not eating properly or sleeping I’m so worried. Anybody else feel like this. My husband tries to reassure me and tells me not To worry I can’t help thinking the worst. Thanks for listening.

Hi Bonbon84

My bleeding only lasted for about 8 weeks because that’s how long it took from my first bleed (I was given a 2ww referral the day after) to when I had a radical hysterectomy which of course removed the source of bleeding. I was post menopause and not on HRT so in my case any bleeding was defo abnormal. I had several random episodes of bleeding ranging from relatively light to heavy. On one occasion (about 2 weeks in) the bleeding was very heavy and coming out in spurts with some force especially when I tried to sit; I got scared and went to A&E. Luckily the bleeding soon calmed down and the hospital advised I didn’t need any intervention; also luckily, subsequent episodes bleedng weren’t as bad as that. one.

There can be a number of reasons for unusual gynae bleeding. Easy to say but try not to jump to conclusions but also keep chasing until you know for sure what the problem is. Also try not to google to self diagnose - you’ll likely end up with googlitis which will just add to existing anxiety.


I avoid google as much as possible, I had severe health anxiety a few years back and it was a horrible place to be mentally, I’ve been doing good with it for the last 4 years and even with all this abnormal bleeding but it’s now getting on top of me, spoken to go today, she is going to chase my gynae appointment and has booked me in to see her Wednesday to hopefully at least get a look at my cervix,she tried back in September but couldn’t see because of bleeding so fingers crossed the medication works to stop my bleeding by Wednesday, I’m not holding out much hope though as I keep getting this constant dripping, I don’t understand how I’m not having a 2 week referral, you hear all the time how any abnormal bleeding that isn’t going away needs to be addressed urgently then your just left to put up with it, I hope you are doing much better now though.

I’m OK thanks. Hope all goes well at your GP appointment; you could take the opportunity to ask why you’re not having a 2ww referral.


I think it’s the typical because my smears are all up to date they aren’t that concerned, I said to gp smears aren’t 100 percent that’s when she said she will see me, if she doesn’t get a look at my cervix at my appointment I will say about 2 week referral, I’ve just turned 39 so could well be signs of perimenopause as my mum was done with it all in her mid 40’s but I’m not happy to put it down to that unless all the bad things have been ruled out.