Worried about cell changes, urgent referral to gyno

Hi ladies I wonder if you can help. I had cin3 removed in 2016 and had a follow up smear that was clear from bad cells and hpv. 
over the last couple of months I've noticed a bit of spotting after sex but I put it down to normal/ hormonal or just getting older :/ . I had period which was strange in the fact that I bleed for 5 days and the 5th day is always brown kinda drying up bloody discharge. On the evening I had sex with my hubby and in the morning I woke up to my period full force with black clots. I went to the gp yesterday and she did an internal and told me that there is something on my cervix and made an urgent referral and also she said she would send me for an ultrasound internally and that I have a lesion on my labia. She asked if I itch a lot and I actually do and always feel very sensitive down there. I feel like something is seriously wrong and I've just been chalking it up to age, I'm nearly 36 with 4 children. My period have changed also that they come early or late sometimes. Could this be cancer this time ? I know only the drs can say I just wonder if anyone's had cc years after being treated for cin ? 
thank you xxx


sorry you are experiencing this. It's not good going through this. Although mine is different and can't give u much experience on what u have been going through. Just thought I'd see how you are doing? 

Thanks for reply hun I appreciate it. I had my ultrasound and they said nothing jumping out at them so that a relief. I have my gyno app on Tuesday 17th at 9am. I'm worried it's cancer as they can see it's abnormal :( thanks fro asking hun xx