Hi everyone,

I (at my own fault) haven’t had my smear test which is 2+ years over due) anyway for the past week I have been having so much wet watery discharge which smells dreadful. I also feel very tired and have been feeing very lightheaded/dizzy. Are these signs or am I just being paranoid. I have an appointment with my GP on the 5th feb but just wanted some reassurance!

Thanks in advance
Nicola x

Hi. I think the most common symptom is bleeding and pain with sex if anything sinister and even then CC is far down the list of causes. It does sound like you have an infection, the doctor/nurse will take some swabs. Have you arranged to have your overdue smear? X

Hi Nicola,

I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry, and don't use doctor google! I drove myself crazy! There's a kit called Canestest that you can buy to test yourself for vaginal infections. Your symptoms don't sound like CC indicators, I would still go and see your doctor for reassurance. Keep us updated xx

Hi, what a wonderful and insightful forum, I am really worried, two days ago I started bleeding (9 days after period ended) the bleeding only lasted one day but I also passed a lump (tear drop shape) about the size of my thumb nail, definitely not a clot. Since then I've been having clear discharge with strands of blood. For over two years I've had hip, leg and lower back pain, which I associated with age, I'm 35. I think my smear must be due soon but have made a gp appointment anyway. I'm terrified and going out of my mind with worry :(