Symptoms of cervical cancer? HPV Positive


I'm new here and am really worried. I have only ever had 1 sexual partner and I was his first too. Fast forward 20 years and I took a private HPV test in the hope of avoiding a smear at my surgery as in this area, if HPV is negative then the cells aren't examined. Past 2 smears were clear of HPV and I expected this to be the same given my sexual history. So I paid for a private at home test and got the shock of my life when a gynaecologist called to say I have high risk HPV sub type 33!!

Now my mind is all over the place! I've always had spotting before a period but for the past 2 years, I've had a combination of light bleeding and spotting (red and brown) as opposed to spotting dark brown only and it lasts for 6-8 days rather than 4-5 days. I also have a clear slimy discharge throughout the month, rather than just the time I'm ovulating.

Do these sound like symptoms of cervical cancer? I had a smear yesterday to put the HPV result into context do now have a two week wait and I'm driving myself insane with worry! 

Hi! These symptoms are not specific. It can be a Nabot's cyst, ectopion, endocercevitis, etc. Only liquid cytology can confirm or refute the concerns. In any case, you need to fully examine and agree. HPV does not cause cancer. We need a favorable environment in the form of background diseases. I needed to be more persistent and maybe I didn't have any cancer. My doctor wasn't cancer-wary. I thought nothing bad was going to happen to me.

My smear test result is in... HPV NEGATIVE!! Clearly one result is wrong, but which one? The private one done through Check4cancer or the NHS one? I wish my cells had been examined, but because the HPV came back as negative, cytology was not performed... I don't know if I can relax or if I need to pursue additional tests in case the first HPV test that came back positive last month was correct and I could therefore have abnormal cells... 

Same thing happened to me - I'm wondering if the NHS only tests for a few types (ie 16&18)? Does anyone know?That would explain the difference in results.

I know that the NHS doesn't just check for types 16 and 18 as have ' other' and cin 2. I asked as was considering and am going ahead with a vaccine