HPV negative- cervical cancer symptoms


i had my first smear today which i has made me so happy! due to the fact im 24 i have been refused a smear for the past three years even when all other tests came back negative and i have had consistent symptoms of lower back pain and unbearable pain during sex.

the nurse who did my smear when asked said that my cervix looks ok but I will have to wait for the results. 

this did not comfotrt me as along with back pain and painful sex, i have recently started having problems with weeing - i must go for a wee around abut 15 times a day and the other day i actually wet myself when my boyfriend tickled me. i havent got a water infection i have been tested for that so hence my worry. 

i have normal periods, every 28 days and no bleeded during or after sex. no unusual discharge etc.

i recently did a HPV test (one of the ones you can buy online from superdrug doctors) and it came back negative.

is it posssible to have a negative HPV result and also have cervical cancer?


sorry for too much info! just wanted to give some background. thanks in advance to anybody who replies xxx





I think it’s very unlikely that you would but possible. There are ladies on here who have been HPV negative but had abnormal cells, hence why they are worried about the upcoming change in testing. 

I still think it’s unlikely though - I’m sure 99% are caused by HPV. 

Hi, Most cervical cancers are caused by HPV (I think the stats are about 95-97%), so it’s possible to have abnormalities without the virus. I think it’s highly unlikely that you have cervical cancer, since the nurse who examined you said your cervix looked ok and you haven’t got the other symptoms related to it.

Unfortunately, when trying to find the elusive cause of symptoms it’s a process of elimination with science.

I do hope you find out soon what is causing your symptoms.

its %99.7 are hpv 1 in a thousand about 3 women a year get none hpv realat cerical canser my isuus with the up comeing canges is smears have caurcht  quite a few womb cancers becuse the cells come ot of the womb through there cervix and are pickedupbythe brush